A New Home


It has been 97 years since the Nuclear Apocalypse irradiated the earth, presumably killing all life on the ground. Twelve national space stations merged together to create the Ark. By pooling their resources, they hoped to survive the three hundred years required to stabilize the planet, and allow humankind to return to their home.

But, system failures run rampant across the Ark, and those of a once-transitional generation are now realizing that they must return to the ground two hundred years ahead of schedule. In order to assess this new Earth's livability, 100 juvenile delinquents were spared from execution and sent down to the planet. Their survival restored hope for the people of the Ark.

Survival is not so easy, however, and the Earth is not as vacant as they thought. Now struggling to find peace with the warmongering vestiges of the human race — people that they call the Grounders — the Delinquents also face the need to determine their place among the remains of the Arkers come down to the Ground, or if they have one at all. And looming over them all is Mount Weather, home to the mysterious Mountain Men who are the only thing the war-like Grounders truly fear.

On The 100 MUSH, you will play one these Delinquents, a Grounder, or one of the non-criminal Arker residents. Whoever you were before, your only goal now is to survive.

Welcome to the Ground.


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