Ark Government


Chancellors are elected to multi-year terms by popular vote. There are no term limits, but most Chancellors do not serve more than a few terms. Chancellors can also be removed from office by a unanimous vote of the Council. The Chancellor is the final authority on the Ark, able to make executive decisions in time of need, but on a day-to-day basis, all decisions are voted on by the Council, with the Chancellor acting as tie-breaker as necessary. Chancellors may step down at any time, and one of the Council is always named as their designated successor in case they do step down, are incapacitated, or die in office.

Chancellor Thelonius Jaha

The current Chancellor is Thelonius Jaha, a compassionate and self-sacrificing man who never makes any decision lightly. He is sometimes blamed for the choices of the Council or the requirements of the law, but he never shrugs aside that blame to another. Most Ark residents see him as a wise and compassionate leader (within the confines of their law), but there are of course some with personal grudges or who simply see him as the system personified.


There are six seats on the Council. Whenever there is a vacancy in the Council, the Chancellor nominates someone to fill the post; that nomination must then be confirmed by the other members of the Council. Decisions on the Ark are made by simple majority vote, with the Chancellor serving as the tie-breaker. Most Councilors are officers or station representatives before they join the Council, but sometimes one of the "masses" is raised up to the position.

Councilor Marcus Kane

Harsh pragmatist, Security Officer, more detail to come.

Voted for the culling and The 100 Project.

Councilor Hank Retter

Hank Retter is the oldest member on the Council, having served for four Chancellors. This gives him a sense of wizzen seniority amongst the Council, and he is someone that Jaha often speaks to for advice. Retter is the swing vote on the Council, as he tends to make his decisions based on facts instead of emotion. To the public, he is seen as the old voice on the Council, and some wonder why Jaha has not replaced him yet. The older Arkers see Retter as a necessary part of the Council due to his experience with multiple Chancellors. They find him a steady, unshakable presence. However, as the situation on the Ark has become dire, Retter has become more and more driven to find solutions that ensure the Ark's survival with or without Jaha and the Council's backing.

Retter voted against the culling, but for The 100 Project.

Councilor Phillip Underwood

Keen political mind, more detail to come.

Voted against the culling and The 100 Project.

Councilor Doctor Anna Li

Li is the current chief medical office on the Ark, and has served on the Council since the death of her husband. He died in the Mecha Station fire that killed seventeen other people. Already a compassionate doctor, Li pressed that Jaha give her, her husband's seat on the Council with the promise she would focus on the safety of the Ark. While Li understands that they are just a transitional generation, she also puts a lot of her focus on the here and the now, acting as a nice opposite to Marcus Kane. She disagrees with the Council secrecy, but also respects the rules that have been in place since the unity of the 12 stations.

Li voted against the culling, as well as The 100 Project. But when the votes were cast in favor of sending the delinquents down to the surface, she was in charge of creating and monitoring the children's health monitoring bracelets.

Councilor Lal Vanniyar

Vanniyar voted for the culling and against The 100 Project.

Councilor Carla Silva

Voted for the culling and The 100 Project.


Each department in the Ark has an officer to oversee it, guiding efforts to protect the people of the Ark and prolong human life. Each of these officers has one or more deputies, but some deputies oversee entire departments themselves (the Sanitation Officer, for instance, is also a Deputy Resource Allocation Officer). Some of them sit on the Council, but there is no requirement that they do, nor any requirement that the Council include any of them. Some examples are the Medical Officer, Security Officer, Engineering Officer, Resource Allocation Officer, and the Agricultural Officer. While most deputies are simply called Deputy <department> Officer, the Deputy Security Officer is called Commander. The Officers are chosen by their Departments, and are usually the most skilled member of that department (although sometimes they are simply the most politically-savvy one).

Station Representatives

Station representatives are the method that the populace makes their wishes known to the Council and the Chancellor. Each Representative is elected from a given block of living quarters within a given station. There are about forty Station Representatives in the entire Ark. They have no legislative power, but are the method with which the people express their concerns to the government, and how the government connects with the people when they do not want to make a station-wide video address.


The primary goal of the Ark's government is to keep the human race alive and viable until the Earth is inhabitable again. While some Chancellors have used the post as a position of personal power in the past, the current Ark administration will stop at nothing to accomplish that goal. And there-in lies the problem.


Much of what the government does is shrouded behind a veil of secrecy to avoid panicking the populace about their dire straights. While some members of the government disagree with this policy, to leak sensitive information is a floating offense. Unfortunately, this prevents the general populace from seeing just how bad things are, so some of the harsher policies are sometimes viewed as overly harsh.

Public Opinion

The government is viewed by the majority of Arkers as a benign necessity. They know that harsh measures are necessary to keep the human race alive until it can return to Earth, and although they may have complaints when that harshness personally affects them, they generally acknowledge its necessity. Of course, there are always some looking to get ahead by undermining the status quo…

Other Negative Factors

Not every negative feeling on the Ark has its basis in the government. In fact, the majority of day-to-day gripes are likely the quality of food and air (or lack there-of), low heat, the personal bullying of a small portion of the Guard, the harshness of the black market costs for things, the unfairness of their boss, and other personal complaints.

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