Canon And You

As a mirror universe game, there are going to be canon differences between the show The 100 and The 100 MUSH. They still start out small, but will undoubtedly diverge more widely as time goes on. This page will attempt to keep up with major canon differences between the two.

Starting Differences

  • The first and most major difference is the lack of canon characters. There are exactly 8 canon characters from the show who carry over to the game: Chancellor Thelonius Jaha and Councilor Marcus Kane of the Skaikru/Arkers, Commander Lexa kom Trikru and Chief Indra kom Trikru of the Trikru/Woods Clan, Queen Nia kom Azgeda and Prince Roan kom Azgeda of the Azgeda/Ice Clan, and President Dante Wallace and Chief of Security Cage Wallace of the Mountain Men.
  • Most importantly, none of the canon Delinquents exist in the game, including Bellamy or Raven.
  • In the months leading up to the launch of the Delinquents, Appeals Hearings were put on hold as prisoners began to turn 18. So some of the prisoners have been in limbo for several months, and are now almost 19.

First Month Differences

  • Landing Day, Devin Morrison is the first Delinquent on the Ground. His first words: "This place is ours, bitches!"
  • Day 5 After Landing, an expedition to Mount Weather leaves. Crossing a river, they are attacked by humanoids. Two die, 4 are captured. Grounders exist. A rescue mission is undertaken the next day, leading two the prisoners being rescued and two Grounder prisoners being taken.
  • Day 8 After Landing, an escape pod comes down to Earth, contact is made with the Ark, the Culling is stopped, and the Grounder prisoners are freed.
  • Day 10 After Landing, the chief of the nearest Grounder village comes to parlay with the Delinquents. A tentative agreement for a summit is reached involving the Delinquents healing the Grounders of a disease they brought with them. The Delinquents learn of the existence of the hostile Mountain Men, but no details. Three Delinquents are chosen by popular vote to be representatives at the summit if it can be obtained.
  • Day 12 After Landing, A group of Delinquents visits a supply depot and returns with blankets, uniforms, and rifles. These weapons are locked up, as the Grounders are not currently a threat.
  • Day 15 After Landing, Three Delinquents meet with the chief of the nearest Grounder village to arrange terms of a ceasefire.
  • Day 16 After Landing, Unity Day. Contact is lost with the Ark in the middle of a speech in which the Chancellor informs the Ark that there will be an election for a new Chancellor one month after they reach the ground, and a new Council will be chosen then. The first murder of a Delinquent by another Delinquent.

Day 17 After Landing, the entire camp tries Mags Trentin for murder. She is proclaimed guilty by a wide margin, and sentenced to death by a narrower margin. She mentions a conspiracy on the Ark to strike against the Chancellor. Mags Trentin is executed. The first Exodus ship descends… only to crash 40 kilometers from the Delinquent dropsite.

  • Day 19 After Landing, the group searching for the missing hunters find two other missing Delinquents instead and unwittingly bring the Blood Fever back to Camp.
  • Day 20 After Landing, a group of Grounder scouts attack the Camp, the Delinquents reveal that they have rifles, and a group of Grounders persuades the attackers to retreat.

Day 22 After Landing, an offer from Sonia kom Trikru is brought to the Delinquents. Offer up 7 of their own to die, and Sonia will stay her scouts until Indra's forces arrive. The camp will have 24 hours of quiet to decide. They choose to refuse the offer and Sonia resumes her blockade of the camp soon after, including firing arrows semi-randomly at and over the wall.

  • Day 24 After Landing, the Camp votes on an Ambassador to send to the Trikru chief to arrange an end to the war The Ambassador and a small group slips out of camp, working their way through Sonia's patrols.
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