Aeron St. James
Abbie Schmitt
Abbie Schmitt as Aeron St.James
Full Name: Aeron St.James
Age: 18
Clan: Delinquents
Faction: Sky People
Title/Profession: Murderer
Partner(s): None Height: 5'0 (maybe)
Father: Jeffery (Mechanic) Weight: Light
Mother: Ainsley (Med-Tech) Hair Color: Red
Siblings: None Eye Color: Green
Children: None


Aeron was born and raised on Mecha. Her father was a mechanic and her mother Med-Tech. The family was well known, but not because they had political power or anything. They just had a great abundance of love for everyone. Yeah, they were one of *those* families. People did gag. They were happy and invited children and teenagers to always hang in their quarters for lack of better meeting spots. They never complained if people stayed over and they followed the rules to a T.

This bliss was ended by their daughter, Aeron. She is a tiny thing that never really reached five foot or maybe just hit it. Some say that it is because she was born a little too early. While she was a talkative bubble of delight, when she was sixteen. She snapped. There are rumors about why she did it. Most say that the boy she was stalking didn't love her back. Some whisper that it was just a girl who didn't know how to handle her jealousy. Whatever the case, Aeron murdered a boy brutally. She stabbed him sixteen or more times.

At first, Aeron tried to tell her story, but no one wanted to hear it. She had committed a crime. There was no other excuse or comment needed. About a week into being in the Skybox, Aeron just went silent. She stopped talking.

Her behavior is still a little off. She has yet to talk to anyone even while they have been on the ground. Although, there are probably some that remember that she can and did talk once upon a time. She seems a little too gleeful to have weapons in her hands and tends to figure out how to make normal things more weapon-y. She also seems a little too gleeful in life. Life sucks and she just seems to ignore that.

Since being 'grounded' (haha get it?) she's been in the background and liked it there. She doesn't seem to want to draw too much notice to herself. There are spots of her red hair as she can be seen watching and mimicing movements. For the most part, she's kept her silent distance. Lately though, she's been stepping out more. Though, she's still not prone to talk yet. The question rises though if it's out of good intent or a murderous one.



There are a few things of notice about this young woman. First and foremost is the fiery shade of her long red hair as it curls and falls down to the middle of her back. The very bottom have been dyed black as if to show the taint of the sins of her past. Her complexion is fair even when exposed to the harshness of the sun. It doesn't seem to redden too much nor does it ever seem to retain tanned glow. The girl's eyes shift between shades of greens from an almost clear, light green to a deep almost black green. The young woman just seems to have the doe quality to her eyes to make her appear more innocent than she probably is. Her lips are a natural soft pink with an overly full lower lip and an almost exaggerated cupid's bow.

As one looks at her the second point of notice becomes clear. She's tiny. She's short and it's hard to tell if she actually clears five feet or not. Her body is toned like that of someone who has spent hours dancing or moving, yet there is a very girlish curve to her. All the curves are in all the very right and proper places. It seems this young lady tries to conceal them away though. Her clothing just a bit too big for her. As well, she always seems to move very lightly on her feet as if afraid to bring too much notice to herself.


  • Ambidextrous
  • Distrustful
  • Nightmares
  • Perfect Balance
  • Terrible Liar
  • Touch By Invitation Only
  • Temporarily Mute

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