Afaye kom Trikru
Adeola Ariyo
Adeola Ariyo as Afaye kom Trikru
Full Name: Afaye kom Trikru
Age: 31
Clan: Trikru
Faction: Craftperson
Title/Profession: Horsemaster
Partner(s): N/A Height: 5'9"
Father: Yette Weight: 125lbs
Mother: Dria Hair Color: black
Siblings: N/A (but always open for dev) Eye Color: dark brown
Children: N/A


Afaye was born of Dria and Yette, paired warriors with a focus on stealth and scouting. Although her childhood was spent gearing her toward this familial occupation, Afayes skills in stealth were best employed in hunting. In her youth, she was one of the prime meatwinners of the tribe, regularly bringing back boar and panther and deer. Despite her hunting abilities, Afaye developed a fondness for animals; her ability on horseback was nearly unparalleled by those in the tribe, and eventually in her adolescent years (around 15-16) she was left to the care of the current horsemaster to learn the ways of handling *living* animal flesh.

This was conveniently timed, as her parents would be killed by Mountain Men two years later - victims of a well-timed trap. In all honesty, it is most likely that her parents were captured to be repurposed into Reavers in the future, but she has never met them in this form; if her clanmates have, it would be news to her; she has never asked. They died honorable deaths.

And so the years went with her time split between dealing with the clans horses (and eventually teaching the young ones to ride) and prowling the woods for food. The former horsemaster, one Soni, eventually succumbed to a respiratory infection (perhaps pneumonia), leaving Afaye in charge - and that is where she has stayed to this day.

Afaye is known as a fairly affable young woman, although she has never taken a mate or produced offspring. She is stern when it comes to her chargers, and will not tolerate any lying or scheming. Her presence has been known to add a stabilizing effect to potential conflict within the clan, although she is not prone to taking sides.


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On the Grid

RP Hooks

Dem butts, tho, amirite? Afaye is basically wide open when it comes to matters of life, love, and the heart. Thankfully, her heart is basically a cold, dead lump in her chest, so nobody is at risk. It's pretty much a win-win for all.

Horses: This really doesn't need explaining at this point, does it?

Siblings: I would like Afaye to have siblings, but I have not listed any to allow room for player creativity. As she is 31, there is ample room to squeeze in some younger (or older, if you'd like!) family members.

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