Alison Stradford
Katherine McNamara
Katherine McNamara as Alison Stradford
Full Name: Alison Stradford
Age: 18
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: {$title}
Partner(s): N/A Height: 5'4"
Father: Wallace Weight: 115
Mother: Constance Hair Color: Red
Siblings: 0 Eye Color: Emerald
Children: 0


Stradfords are somewhat of an inevitability, in any society, a group will form that has a shadowy level of control. The first Stradfords on the station were visitors, investors touring the stations. When the bombs fell, the Stadfords, (Miles Stradford, Angela Stadford and their the teenage sons and one daughter) were housed in VIP visitor quarters.

Soon after the chaos, the Stradfords insinuated themselves in to the leadership, and there they remained. With resources limited, they evolved their status to tie in with supply and allocations. Thus, decades later, the Stadfords still held positions as functionaries and bureaucrats. It was through this resource control that Wallace Stradford had a heads up on the early Earthfall. Alison Stradford had the talk with her father and mother about plans. It was a risk, but Alison accepted it, to be among the first down. To once again secure a position for the Stradfords at the front of the line.

Alison Stradford was born to Wallace and Constance Stradford, two well placed computer technicians and resource management specialists. She grew up well educated, and in relative luxury for the station. Bright and disciplined, as was the Stradford tradition, Alison was groomed to continue her legacy. Trained and apprenticed in electronics and computer skills. Alison was taught to be a smooth talker. When her family discovered the rapid resource decay and the allocation of resources to the drop-ship. Alison accepted her position and the plan. She studied hard to be ready, then she picked a fight with a rival girl over a boy. Breaking the girl's nose in public, Alison was sent to the Skybox. She was not there long before Earthfall.




** Entitled ** Alison comes from wealth and prestige from well before the fall. Unlike most, the Stradfords were on the station by chance, not workers but visiting VIPs. The family has made subtle power a mainstay, and made certain Alison is well aware of what it means to be a Stradford.

** Loyalist ** Alison's parents remain on the Ark, her first loyalty is to her family. She sees the 100 as preparing the way for the rightful return to Earth. Caution and patience are virtues, but conquest in not a sin, it is a right of the superior.

** Networker ** Alison is skilled at using communication, and like her family, good at making alliances. There is good reason to work together, even if your goals are ultimately self-serving.

** Science: Physics ** Alison has a background in this science as a part of her electrical specialty.

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Known Associates

Lip That Guy : This guy is exactly why I am needed. He is comic relief in the
battle for survival. I need that. He has the makings of a good friend, and maybe more importantly, Lip puts hope in the darkest caves.
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Cole The Best Hope : Alison genuinely likes Cole, from his cranky moodiness, to his creative mind, and especially his extraordinary work ethic. She credits him with mission success.
Cassandra Hard to Say : Well, at least I know where I stand with her, she's no sycophant. Still, I have to wonder if she is not a better ally than she wants to be.
Martin Sturdy : Martin is the guy you can trust even when he is on the other side. We need his type.When the fight starts, I don't worry about my back with him.
Fiona Honorable, I think : We should be rivals, and at a philosophical level, I think we are. In the war for our survival, I believe we are on the same side. Perhaps we can learn from each other.
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