Ania kom Trikru
Natalie Dormer
Natalie Dormer as Ania kom Trikru
Full Name: Ania kom Trikru
Age: 27
Clan: Trikru
Faction: Warriors
Title/Profession: Fighter
Partner(s): Elian kom Trikru Height: 5'6"
Father: Boma kom Trikru Weight: 130lbs
Mother: Sonia kom Trikru Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Open Eye Color: Hazel
Children: None


While Coesbur is Ania's home, she was not born there. Her mother was born there, but moved when she was in her twenties to be with a healer in another village, which is where Ania was born and spent the first several years of her life until her father died. With her father deceased her mother decided that she was going to return to the village she grew up in. Ultimately, that was fine with Ania, because as a young child she kept seeing her father in every aspect of the village, and she was having a very hard time coming to terms with his death.

It tooks Ania a few years to really move on from her father's death, although she never fully got over it. It turned her into a more quiet individual, going days without saying a word, and as she got older this stretched into weeks at times. When she was in her early teens she apprenticed to one of the village warriors, and began to learn the craft from her. She trained every day with a sword, forced to work on her form no matter what the conditions were. She learned how to survive if she got lost, how to sneak up on the enemy, and how to kill the enemy quickly.

She was two when the first war with the Ice Nation ended, and she was in her twenties when the second one began. This time she fought along side Elian, who she had known for a long time, and even been with for several years by the time the war started. They worked as a pair, seeming to be able to compliment each other, as well as know what the other needed. In every aspect of their lives they seem to compliment each other.

With the Skaikru's landing she was curious, but wasn't a proponent of approaching them due to the history of dealings with the Mountain Men. It wasn't until people began to get sick that she supported contacting them in any capacity, although she doesn't trust them. They are different, and potentially just as bad as the Mountain Men, but unlike the Mountain Men, these are individuals that they can learn about and potentially learn from. She'll take advantage of that, reluctantly, especially if it helps her family.



Tall and slender, she's got one side of her head shaved at all times to expose the black markings that decorate her skin in ever changing patterns. The adornments on her scalp are not tattoos, she has reserved that for the markings on her shoulder and back that are sometimes exposed. Instead, they seem to quietly reflect her purpose and her mood. The rest of her hair is blonde, and hangs around her shoulder where it's not been braided along the hairline that bisects her head. She's dressed in practical clothing, a soft doe-skin leather shirt that fits her skin closely and stretches as she moves. Over that simple armor that has been pieced together over the years, and a coat that both covers part of the armor and protects her from the elements. Her pants are fitted as well, tears have been sewn back together so there is a very patchwork feel to them. Her boots are new, sturdy, and meant to survive a lot of abuse. Around her waist is a simple belt that has a sword hanging from her left hip.


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Silence is Golden
No Remorse

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Elian Elian kom Trikru : Ania has been with Elian for a while now, and the pair compliment each other in many different aspects of their lives.

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