Abla Ahmed Osman
Abla Ahmed Osman as Ariadne Cole Tempesta
Full Name: Ariadne Cole Tempesta
Age: 18
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Coming Soon
Partner(s): No Height: 6'1"
Father: Coming Soon Weight: Lanky
Mother: Coming Soon Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: No Eye Color: Brown
Children: No


Coming Soon



Cocoa skin, and dark brown curls fall down Ariadne's back. Her eyes are large and expressive, with a haunted expression. Her face is thin and angular - perhaps too thin. Her nose is narrow, and full lips are drawn in a tense line that rarely curves into a smile. On the rare occasions she does smile a perfectly straight row of pearly white teeth is revealed.

Her neck is elongated by the stiff manner in which she usually holds herself, as if a sharp movement might break her. Her movements, along with her words, are guarded and careful. Her collarbones stand out in stark contrast to reveal the gauntness that seems to cling to her. Her torso is covered by a tight charcoal grey tank top. Around her wrist she wears a small metallic cord, fastened by sauntering so that it can't be easily freed from her wrist. Her waist is ringed by a heavy duty belt, and the black pants she wears have large pockets. They hang low on her hips to reveal a small strip of bare skin between the bottom of her shirt and the beginning of her pants.

On her feet she wears a simple pair of black work boots. They are tied and from the laces dangle a small dogtag type ornament with a word scratched into it.


  • Aloof
  • Insomnia
  • Science:Biology**

Musical Inspiration

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On the Grid

Known Associates

Shi Shi : "She was Tomas' friend before he died. We met back when he was in the hospital. She's the only one that really visited him regularly - even more regularly than his own parents. He asked me to keep an eye on her, and then I ended up in the damn box. Float me if she didn't end up in there too. Now we're on the ground and I'm trying to keep her alive. I love her, as much as I can love anyone, I guess. I don't think that storybook kind of love exists anymore. That sort of thing died along with Tomas."
Stone Stone : "Yeah, I know Stone. He's Shi's boyscout. They're in love and all that. He's a decent guy. He's helping keep an eye out for her, and that wins a lot of points. He's also a pretty good kisser. It's just a really confusing situation. I guess we'll figure it out some time, but for now we're just busy tryin' to stay alive, you know?"

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