Arlin kom Nokru

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Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles as Arlin kom Nokru
Full Name: Arlin kom Nokru
Age: 25 (April 11)
Clan: Nokru (formerly Trikru)
Faction: None (formerly Grounders)
Title/Profession: Exile banished to the Wastelands; formerly combat medic & healer in direct service to Heda Lexa kom Trikru
Partner(s): - Height: 6'1"
Father: Geo kom Trikru (deceased) Weight: Athletic
Mother: Ana kom Trikru Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Yes Eye Color: Hazel (primarily green)
Children: -

The son of Geo kom Trikru, who was executed ~15 years ago for amassing a stockpile of firearms, Arlin kom Nokru was a combat medic and healer in direct service to Lexa kom Trikru before he was convicted of treason for the unrepentant possession of a Maunon pistol he acquired during the fall of Mount Weather.

On day 72, he was proclaimed mentally unsound from his father's tainted bloodline, dismissed from the Heda's gonakru, decreed a splita, banished from Coalition territory upon pain of death should he ever return, and exiled to the Wastelands.

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." — Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Tale That's Been Told

In the year 2134, Geo kom Trikru was gruesomely executed for violating the clan's ban on firearms. Rumor has it that he managed to stockpile a notable arsenal of guns and ammunition with the intention of mounting another attack on Mount Weather. Speculation is that he wasn't working alone. Fact is that he took the names of any such co-conspirators with him to the grave. Suspicion is that more than a few people shared his belief that the Trikru should not cower or be sheep to the slaughter, that it was better to stand on one's feet than die on one's knees, and that the only solution was to wipe-out the Reapers and the Mountain Men once and for all by any means necessary.

Arlin was 10 years old when he was forced to watch his beloved father's defiant demise, which commenced with the burning of hands, eyes, and tongue reserved for the worst of crimes. He lost count of the number of cuts inflicted before his father collapsed, lifeless, but it certainly felt like more than a thousand. For the next three years, the fear and suspicion of others led to his family being socially ostracized by more villagers than not, and the boy suffered no small amount of brutal bullying from many of his peers, largely because he refused to denounce his father — and because children can be hideously cruel. In the end, in this thirteenth year, what remained of the family left for parts unknown.

Childhood Memories

No one from Coesbur knew what became of him until the second war with the Ice Nation. There, he served with distinction, as both a capable warrior and much sought after healer with a reputation for repeatedly diving into the fray to retrieve the wounded during the heat of battle. Some of the village veterans spoke well of him upon their return, whereas others still held distrust from the sins of his father.

There were rumors, though, that the Heda took him into her direct service after the war, sending him into the field when deemed necessary. So when the People of the Sky fell to the Earth, infecting the villagers of Coesbur with a mysterious illness, and running the risk of retribution from Mount Weather, Arlin kom Trikru, after 12 years of absence, found himself returning to the place he once called home in order to learn what he could and do what he must.

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