Asher Kholmin
Steven Strait
Steven Strait as Asher Kholmin
Full Name: Asher Kholmin
Age: 18
Clan: Delinquents
Faction: The Sky People
Title/Profession: Murderer
Partner(s): None Height: 6'
Father: Moss Kholmin Weight: 185lbs
Mother: Rayna Kholmin Hair Color: Black
Siblings: None Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


Asher Kholmin was born and raised on Mecha station, where his father, Moss, worked as a mechanic, and his mother, Rayna, worked in janitorial services. Asher's father was abusive at the best of times, and downright dangerous at the worst. This was further accelerated by events that took place when Asher was six. His father had started to drink away too much, and traded their rations for hooch and he was a mean drunk. Rayna took matters into her own hand, since Asher was starting to starve. Rayna was caught stealing food from the mess. She was spaced and left Asher alone with his drunk, abusive father.

From that day on, Asher was just a reminder to his father of what happened to his mother. Likely to avoid any guilt, he blamed Asher for her death. He beat Asher regularly and still traded away rations for hooch. Asher learned from a young age, if you want to survive, you take whatever you can, and you give nothing back. Never much in the class room, Asher was athletic and tall for his age. He was also a bully during his formative years. By the age of ten, several of the other bully's grouped with Asher and formed a cohort of hooligans, sometmes called a gang. Gang is a limited term on the ark. Crime doesn't go on for long without the Guard getting called in. That being said, they mostly just shoved other kids around and fought each other for practice for when they were old enough to fight the Guard. That was always the goal. Fight the Guard. Of course, most of them were destined to join the Guard, but not Asher. He had a different destiny. Asher's relationship with his father never improved, and he only got more abusive as Asher got older. Asher spent less and less time in his quarters with his father, and more of it out with his crew. Life actually was pretty decent. They "ran" four corridors in Mecha station, taxed other kids, got into fights, and generally caused a rucus. Asher ran this little gang pretty well, had a girlfriend. In all, life was decent for him, outside of his father beating the piss out of him whenever he drank which was always. Asher probably could have taken his dad towards the end there, but he could never actually bring himself to hit back.

Like the rest of the 100, things changed drastically for Asher one fateful night. Asher came home after being out for days. His father was already black out drunk. Asher tried to put him to bed, but then his father woke up. He started punching Asher over and over, and this time he knocked him back and through the open door into the corridor. It was one thing to get beaten in the privacy of their room, but his crew all lived in that area. He couldn't let them see this. So he fought back for the first time ever. He beat his father badly and when the Guard came, two of them tried to pull him off. Asher got free of the guards, grabbed one and slammed his face into the wall several times. He was so caught up in a fit of rage, he had no idea who he was hurting. He didn't even hear the sound of the guards skull crushing. Asher was convicted of murder, and worse, of treason for killing one of the guard in cold blood. He was seventeen at the time. He spent his year in the prison station shadowboxing and working out, not having much else to do. He expected to be spaced when he turned 18, but instead, he was sent down to Earth with the other 100.



Perhaps the first thing anyone would notice about this young man is his hair. It's long, down to his shoulders nearly and black, save for a red streak in the front. After that a variety of features come into play. His eyes are shadowed, and he has a perpetually angered look on his face. His eyes are dark and their shape, along with his skin tone would denote mixed ethnicity. His nose is on the broad side, and his mouth is small, but not thin lipped. His chin is cleft and he seems to be one of those teenagers blessed or cursed with full facial hair, though he keeps it down to stubble at best. Overall, he's handsome, though he looks too mean to be considered a nice guy.

This young man stands just around six feet, maybe a hair over. He has the build of someone who does a good deal of phyiscal labor, more than of someone who exercises to maintain his physique. Heavy slabs of muscle with the broad shoulders of regular use. His face and hands have the scars of fist fights and labor. He wears a black jacket over a white t-shirt and dark grey cargo pants. He wears black work gloves, heavy black steel toed work boots and a black canvas belt. Color is apparently not his forte.


  • Night Terrors
  • Night Owl
  • Fight not Flight
  • Aggression masking Pain
  • Abused
  • Abusive

Musical Inspiration

Full Playlist:

  1. Shinedown - Simple Man
  2. Godsmack - Keep Away
  3. Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become
  4. Apocalyptica - I Don't Care
  5. Noah Gunderson - Family

On the Grid

Known Associates

Cassandra Cutthroat Bitch : Seems like everyone thinks we are hooking up. I like having her around, even if she is only out for herself. She's hot, smart and knows her Earth Studies shit. Plus she hates the same people as me.
Quinn The Planner : Not sure how I ended up on the same side as an Ex-Cadet. It's the looks that get you at first, but she's smart, gets how to work the situation. I'll keep her alive as long as she's looking out for my interests too.

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