Benning kom Trikru
Charlotte Hope
Charlotte Hope as Benning kom Trikru
Full Name: Benning kom Trikru
Age: 19
Clan: Trikru
Faction: Grounder
Title/Profession: Weaponsmith (Bows)/Fletcher
Partner(s): None Height: 5'3"
Father: Freed kom Trikru Weight: 110
Mother: Aine kom Trikru Hair Color: Amber Brown
Siblings: Gideon kom Trikru, 1 Open for App Eye Color: Dark Blue
Children: None


Benning kom Trikru was born second daughter to a warrior and healer in the village of Coesbur. Younger sister to Gideon, she followed in the shadow of her sister. However, they couldn’t have been more different. While Gideon was a proud, strong youth, Benning was lithe, graceful girl. Benning tried to follow in her mother’s footsteps, but it was clear that she would not be joining Gideon on the battlefield as she went to the Tondc to join the Trikru armies, even if her arrows flew true to mark. Instead her talent was found as a maker. Her father bartered to have her apprentice under a fletcher in the village. Benning trained hard, served as apprentice and focused her spirit on learning her craft. In time she gained the respect of her mentor and others in the village for her craft was both beautiful and deadly. She never lost her shadow ways, being able to quietly pick her way through the forest, finding scraps of metal or bringing down game for her arrows’ feathers.

Gideon resurfaced in her life, right after Benning celebrated her seventeenth birthday. The years had changed both of them. Benning was now a valued member of the makers, her arrows flying straight and true. Gideon was in disfavor, having made several mistakes including embracing the old Earth technology. On her eighteenth birthday, she was recognized for her skill as a fletcher, one of three in the village now, and many of the warriors came courting her favor for her arrows. She didn’t settle on one but didn’t keep herself away. A lover here and there, but she is still young and there is time to find a husband. In some ways, she enjoys her solitude too much to find a partner. She is a good hunter, but not one that can easily point an arrow at another life. In her heart she is a creator, not a destroyer of things. She would rather be in her shop, crafting her bows and arrows anyway. Somehow she managed to gain recognition for her deadly aim, but only bears six diamonds on her left shoulder from Ginia’s skilled hand to speak to those whose life she has taken. She has found her place, even as her sister has fallen out of hers.

Then the star fell from the sky, life in the villiage started to change. Gideon, Wren and Lark captured by the Skaikru, Lark died by Skaikru hands, Gideon formed some odd attachments to these Skaikru, and her sister now placed her life at risk for them. Benning has sit back for far too long and done nothing to interfere. It is not her nature to force her will on others but her sister is at risk. Benning must take steps to protect her.



Petite, lithe and graceful, this Grounder woman is a pale shadow that glides on silent step. Her long, brown locks tumble down her back. Serious, mocha eyes look at the world around her. Her proud nose sits over soft pink lips that rarely smile. No visible tattoos are shown. Her body is clad in doeskin leather armor that was handcrafted to protect the young woman. Matching boots have a sturdy tread. On her back is a white wood bow with carvings that speak to the cycle of the seasons. The quiver on her back is stocked with pheasant tipped arrows.


  • Craft: Weaponsmith (Bows), Fletcher
  • Naturalist: Prefers Nature-Made than Old Earth
  • Runt: Petite mini-version of a Grounder that's sure to get angry when you call her 'runt'
  • Sibling Loyalty: Fiercely protective of her sister, Gideon kom Trikru
  • Storm Dancer: Would rather Dance in the Rain then Hide under a Tree
  • Tech Wary: Old Earth technology corrupts those that touch it

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Known Associates

Gideon Gideon kom Nokru : Blood sister. No longer of my tribe. You choose a path I would not have for you. But my breath does not live in your lungs. I can not unspeak your words. I can not undo your actions. I can only watch with a deep heart and carry on.
Khesu Khesu kom Trikru : Blood uncle. My heart weeps for your loss. It is selfish but I am glad you are here.
Starling Starling kom Trikru : Soul sister. I mourn her loss too. And celebrate the life you have built without her.
Wren Wren kom Trikru : Brother not born of blood. You have always been there to protect me and my own. Thank you.
Tuan Tuan kom Trikru : My First in Everything. I will welcome her with open arms because she is yours.
Kai Kai kom Trikru : Wren's Second. Trikru by choice, not birth. You may sit by my fire.
Pontus Pontus kom Trikru : Brother to Rain. Do not worry my friend, I will help Starling protect her light.
Que Que kom Trikru : Maker of Weapons. I have always sought your respect and approval.
Bruns Bruns kom Trikru : Fair Trader. You know the value of well-crafted wares.

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