Briar kom Trikru
Clara Paget
Clara Paget as Briar kom Trikru
Full Name: Briar kom Trikru
Age: 42
Clan: Trikru
Faction: Craftsperson
Title/Profession: Brewer/Barkeep
Partner(s): None Height: 5'7"
Father: Doro kom Trikru (d) Weight: athletic
Mother: Teya kom Trikru (d) Hair Color: red
Siblings: Yes (undefined — open for apps) Eye Color: blue
Children: Taber kom Trikru (12)



Briar kom Trikru was once a Scout for Relac village, the daughter of their healer, Doro, and a farmer. She took the unusual step of retiring as a Scout and becoming a Second to the village brewer, Bethel, about 13 years ago, a few months before the birth of her son Taber. The brewer has elected to come join the village of New Coesbur in search of one of it's members, and because of general curiosity regarding these strange Sky people she's heard about.



Scruffy, but usually with a ready smile. Eyes of a denim blue, a narrow nose and oval face, her lips are a little on the thin side but their natural pinkness helps save her from looking too severe. Her hair is a ruddy brown, left loose about her face but tangled with braids and small trinkets of metal and bone. She's maybe somewhere in her later thirties, though clearly a woman that has kept herself in good trim over the years.

Her clothing is a hodge-podge of layers, a battered hat with a broad brim often sits on her head to keep her eyes shaded and head protected, it's edges fraying and posture wilted from years of wear and tear. She's dressed in layers, a shirt with a suede jerkin often worn over it, a strip of cloth bound about her waist and pants that are more patches than solid material tucked into mid-calf boots with a broad brim.


Former Scout - Briar was once a Scout for Relac, about 13 years ago now.
Mother - Briar travels with her son, Taber.
Barkeep/Brewer - Maker and purveyor of all things alcoholic.

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Grounders Son : Getting so big now, almost ready to become a Second in his own right.. where have the years gone?
Sev Sev : I've been looking for you for years. This time.. you're not going to escape.

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