Bruns kom Trikru
Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus as Bruns kom Trikru
Full Name: Bruns kom Trikru
Age: 32
Clan: Trikru
Faction: Grounders
Title/Profession: Trader/Crossbow Hunter
Partner(s): N/A Height: 5'10"
Father: Cal kom Trikru Weight: Fit
Mother: Maen kom Trikru Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: N/A Eye Color: Blue
Children: N/A


Bruns was born and raised in Polis. His mother was a scout and hunter, and his father ran a trading post. Bruns grew up learning the family business both with the trading post, and bow hunting with his mother.

When Bruns was fourteen, there was a Conclave to choose a new Hedda. He watched the ritual surrounding the selection with a kind of awe. He had something of a spiritual awakening, and decided then that he wanted to spend his life in the tower in service of the Commander. His parents were actually quite pleased when he announced he wanted to second for the Flamekeeper.

Of course, in Grounder society, simply desiring a position is not nearly enough. Bruns had to compete for the honour with other young people through combat. Ideology was also very important. The current Flamekeeper was part of the old guard, steeped in tradition and ritual. He had no desire to take a reformer as a second. As Bruns' family were particularly tradition-bound, he was a better fit than most. It was in the end, that dedication to tradition that put him ahead of the other candidates.

Bruns began to train as Flamekeeper. The secrets of the position were revealed to him slowly - painfully so. He also listened as the Flamekeeper advised the Commander. He listened to politics and trade negotiations. Already, the position wasn't as spiritually fulfilling as he hoped it would be.

He continued his training for four years. In that time, he saw how dangerous life in the tower could be. So, in his spare time between duties, he kept up his training and went on the occasional hunt. He didn't want to grow soft. In a world of politics and intrigue, someone might stab you if they feel you're in the way. And a Flamekeeper could certainly get in the way.

Then, one day, the Commander fell. It was his chance to finally experience the powerful rituals of the passing of the flame. Something happened during the ceremony that changed his mind about continuing as Flamekeeper Second. Two weeks later, he told the Flamekeeper he could no longer continue. He gave the excuse that his father was ill (he was) and he was needed to care for the family's trading post (untrue.) The Flamekeeper expressed grave disappointment in the young man. He had done well during the Ascension, he said, and had listened well for many years. But in the end, he knew that Bruns couldn't continue as Flamekeeper without full dedication, and he was released.

Now nearly too old to properly second with anyone of note, Bruns found himself at loose ends. He began hunting full-time and supplying his kills to the trading post. He began travelling further and further afield, skirting the borders of other nations. He began bringing some goods with him to trade, and before long, he had a small route. It was in a small village that he met a young man named Olton. They became fast friends and then travelling companions.

Over the next few years, Olton and Bruns developed their own trade route, moving between villages and larger centers. Olton knew how to identify valuable items. Bruns knew how to haggle, trade, and hunt. They made a strong team. They could move quickly and efficiently, often servicing remote places that rarely saw traders. They spent many years in each others' company.

One day, their route took them somewhere they had avoided before - the lands surrounding Mount Weather. They were attacked by Reapers on their second day. Together, they managed to fight them off, but Olton was injured. Bruns located a cave and bandaged the other man as best he could. He was too injured to move himself or be moved by Bruns alone, so he made sure the other had ample food and water. Then he took off as fast as he could towards the nearest village to find help.

When Bruns returned with help several hours later, Olton was gone. He searched frantically with the help of the villagers, but they weren't willing to search very far or get too close to the mountain. Eventually, he was forced to abandon his search and retreat from the mountain steps.

The loss of Olton sent Bruns into a fog. He returned to his route several weeks later, but he had grown distant and disillusioned. One night, he saw a streak of light in the sky.
He set out to investigate.


Bruns is pragmatic to the core. He's slow to anger, but not especially polite. Niceties aren't, after all, a notable Grounder trait. His time spent as Flamekeeper Second means he's a keen observer of motivations and political interplay. He is certainly not one to ever ascribe simple malice to anyone. He knows there's always more to it than that. Even though he's a hunter rather than a warrior, he won't hesitate to defend himself. He will fight, and is reasonably capable at it. He will also kill, if necessary.
Those who get to know him more would recognize the philosopher underneath the rough exterior. He thinks deeply on big subjects, but it's rare that he ever voices those thoughts.




Crossbow Hunter - Bruns is a great shot when it comes to hunting animals. He's not too shabby when it comes to shooting enemies, either.
Ex-Flamekeeper Second - Bruns knows the secrets of the Flame. He saw the inner workings of Polis in a way that very few ever have. He has a tattoo of the sacred symbol (infinity) over his heart. Only Flamekeepers and Hedas are permitted to wear the symbol.
Savvy Trader - He has a reputation for being a fair dealer. Still, he will make deals that are to his advantage whenever possible. It's only natural.
Tech Wary - He views technology and those who rely on it with suspicion.
Well-Travelled - Bruns has travelled further afield and more frequently than your average Trikru. He knows the best routes, has contacts in multiple settlements, and is familiar with shortcuts. He also knows how to pack for the road, and how to survive in the woods.

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Olton kom Trikru (NPC) Trader : Bruns' missing partner. Olton disappeared around the steps of Mount Weather.
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