Cameron Scott
Michael Johnston
Michael Johnston as Cameron Scott
Full Name: Cameron Scott
Age: 18
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Scout-to-Be, Guy That Helps Things Grow
Partner(s): Morgan Height: 5'9
Father: Michael Scott Weight: …Fit? In a slender way?
Mother: Lydia Scott Hair Color: Black
Siblings: None Eye Color: Medium Brown
Children: Yikes.



Cameron's father was a senior AgroTech botanist, his mother a Maintenance tech; and Cameron was something of a problem from the beginning. You could say it was his parents fault: they didn't really discipline him when his early problems arose, his tendency to get out of any place he's supposed to stay, to disappear if attention turns for even a moment, and to explore where he really shouldn't be.

His parents found it adorable. They tried to keep a stern face, but couldn't, and Cam had to grin. And he has a very compelling grin, at least to his parents.

He came into his artistic talents early, but it manifested oddly: his imagination was weird, his idea of order and pattern didn't really make sense to anyone. He had few friends, but those he had, he was fiercely loyal to. Those who would look at an odd pattern of wear in a wall and imagine a world: that's what Cam did, and his few friends thrived off of his imagination.

But as he got older, being constrained ended up not suiting him at all… and what's more constraining then a space station? He resented attempts to hold him, and if someone in authority couldn't convince him they were right, he'd do everything short of crossing the line to show his displeasure and disobedience.

All that said, he had some skill with both electronics and botany, but he found plants fascinating and beautiful — they were so rare on the station, after all. So he was being groomed to be an AgroTech botanist like his father.

And then his rebellion against the strict order of the station led him to presenting an anonymous exhibition of forward-thinking artistic expression, which did not respect the artificial social construct of 'property'. He didn't quite destroy things, though breaking them in a way that was repairable so that the expression could be made manifest didn't bother him.

Partly due to his situational awareness, his natural quiet deftness, and just raw speed, he managed to maintain his exhibition for a whole year before he was caught.

Some of the exhibition was not exactly kind in its depiction of the powers that be, those soulless tyrants who sought to constrain him.

And constrain him they did, at 15, when he was boxed and spent the next few years going a little bit unbalanced, though he just barely kept himself from losing it. Confinement isn't something he dealt with well.

And now… the ground. Freedom.



And terrible, horrible things: but they're in a way beautiful too.




<warning>: this is crap :) </warning>

Cameron's demeanor is a contrast between stillness and energy. On the one hand, when he isn't moving he barely looks to be breathing; on the other, there's an intensity to how he holds himself that makes it seem like he's ready to spring into action on a moment's notice.

He stands a couple inches short of six feet, with a fit build that leans more towards lithe then athletic. His hair is nearly black, kept short and almost always neat — how he manages that on the Ground may be a mystery. Cameron's eyes are a medium shade of brown. He tends towards grinning easily, and when he does his slight lips turning the grin into a subtle thing, making him look like he's up to mischief. When he smiles fully, though, his expression brightens and his dimples show.

He's wearing a black tank top, and a pair of fitting dark gray pants that hang off his hips.


  • Authority? Pfft. - In general, Cam doesn't exactly respond well to restriction, rules, authority, confinement, bondage, handcu— wait we're getting off on a sidetrack.
  • Ninja Aspirant - He's that guy who, when he wants to, doesn't really draw attention. He's just like not there one minute, then he is. Right behind you. Breathing. Right. There.
  • Fanatically Loyal - He'd chew his left big toe off before he betrayed someone. And though he tries to stay clean, have you seen the stuff they walk through around here? Imagine chewing that toe.
  • Shameless - Really. Shame. Embarrassment. Those are for lesser people, those without vision.
  • Science: Botany, Chemistry - He's not a pro, no, but he knows his way around the science of plants. He's also had a basic training in chemistry, with an interdisciplinary focus dealing with extracting and processing plants into useful compounds.
  • Obsessive Artist - He's always doing something arty. On the ground, right now, it largely involves carving. Because wood. And knife. He has those. Paints, not so much. Though he's got plans for getting pigments out of plants sooner or later: see above.


  • "knife"
  • Ark Clothing
  • Grounder Sword
  • Grounder Light Armor
  • Grounder Boots
  • Grounder Clothes
  • Survival Kit
  • A pair of six sided dice
  • An old gun with two bullets

On the Grid

Known Associates

Morgan Morgan Blackwood : "Boyfriend" is a terrible word, still. He's gorgeous and smart, and intense, focused. I like that. Especially when he's focused on me. We disagree on some things, but we don't let it get in the way on what we agree on. My friends in the box, primarily him, kept me from losing it. That was just sex. I knew they'd kill him, though I didn't dare hope they'd let me live, so I didn't get too close. Now, we're free. Closer. He makes me forget Mom died, or at least, not remember it all the time. He won't go to the Ark when it comes down, and I don't think I have it in me to go without him— even if against all odds the Ark changes like I want it to. I don't care. Augh, I'm getting feels. Fuck.
Cookie Cookie : She's like my sister, my cousin, my I don't even know. She's crazy and hilarious and has been family since we were kids.
Max Max : Brooding, complicated but competent. He cares and yet there's something keeping him back. I wonder what it is.
Grey Grey : Thinks on his feet. Except when it involves stabbing potential assets, then he tries to behead them. Suspect glandular disorder. Still, not a bad chap. EDIT: Good guy to have in a pinch. Maybe reliable.
Silas Silas : Good tracker. Knows when to lead, when to follow. Stand up guy.
Faolan Faolan : Err, the 'respond with insane violence' gauge seems set slightly off with this dude. EDIT: Previous entry WAY FUCKING UNDERSTATES CASE.
Hanne Hanne : Good tracker, maybe could use a bit more nerve in a crisis.

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