Carlos Ortega Vega
Elliot Ruiz
Elliot Ruiz as Carlos Ortega Vega
Full Name: Carlos Ortega Vega
Age: 21
Clan: Maunon/Mount Weather
Faction: Mount Weather Security Detail
Title/Profession: Corporal
Partner(s): None Height: 5'11"
Father: Roberto Vega Weight: 141lbs
Mother: Bonnie Vega Hair Color: Black
Siblings: None Eye Color: Dark Brown
Children: None


Born to Roberto Vega, one of the Mountains engineers, and Bonnie Vega, one of the Mountains cooks, Carlos was born an athletic child. From a young age, he was often doing something, somewhere. Whether it be something exciting, like playing pranks, or as mundane as helping his mother in the mess hall. His athletics, eagerness to prove useful, and patience all mixed together made him a early candidate for training to join the Mount Weather Security Detail. Not wanting to miss a chance on setting their son up with a respectable job, as well as to not deny him of a line of work suitable for him, his parents were alright with him joining as a cadet to the security detail. This is, of course, something he was eager to get into- even if just to try it.

Starting his training as a cadet at the age of 14, Carlos' eagerness and patience found itself tested during his training. He found himself trained in conventional military combat and tactics- finding himself to be rather adept at the use of firearms, although a bit skeptical of the weapons at first. As he managed through the thorough standard training, he eventually was deemed fit to serve in the security detail and was assigned for specialization training as a designated marksman and for further recon training as to fit in partial imbalance in numbers of such security members. This specialization of both recon and designated marksman found himself learning skills for proper camouflaging techniques and for better use of long distance firearms, such as sniper rifles and DMRs. Becoming eighteen, Carlos found himself leaving training and becoming a full-fledged security member and eligible combatant.

Shortly after completing his training, Carlos soon found himself beginning to take slowly and gradually over the course of the following years head out on missions outside of the Mountain. Most of these missions involved determining spots for Grounder kidnapping, points of interest, and militant grounder movements. On the rarer side, some missions involved killing grounders- which has always been done from afar. Now, as of present, Carlos is considering a competent and reliable member of Mount Weathers Security Detail with some minor leadership potential, if not a bit fresh faced and young. Whether that'll remain to be the case is yet to be seen.



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