Cassandra Bonheur
Bianca Lawson
Bianca Lawson as Cassandra Bonheur
Full Name: Cassandra Bonheur
Age: 18
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: The 100
Title/Profession: Shady AF
Partner(s): The Devil Height: 5'9"/1.75m
Father: Fred Bonheur (deceased) Weight: Thin
Mother: Jade Bonheur (deceased) Hair Color: Dark brown
Siblings: 0 Eye Color: Dark brown
Children: Is it true she had to have an abortion?






Earth Skills Expert
She isn't built to run long distances or wrestle bears, but she paid attention in Earth Skills classes and she knows, at least, how to look for food, identify tracks, and avoid having to wrestle a bear in the first place. When she isn't busy being extremely shady, she might even be caught in a tender moment, fussing over botany.

Science: Biology
Born on Farm Station, Cassandra knows her plants and loves her life sciences.

We Are Grounders
She's spent the better part of her year in the Skybox, confined to solitary, but finally coming down to Earth is what she was born to do. We're on the ground now — and that means we are grounders. The Ark can go float itself, for all she cares.

False Flirt
Man, woman, other, herb… she'll flirt with just anything that moves, especially if she thinks she'll get something out of it. This seldom means a thing to her.

Trust Issues
She has a lot of trust issues, and tends to inspire them in others. The two facets may be connected.

What's In It For Me?
Cass doesn't do anything out of the goodness of her heart. That just isn't how the world works. You call it cooperation, she calls it competition. If you're going to ask for a favour, you better have something you can offer in return.


Full playlist:

  1. Delta Rae — Chasing Twisters
  2. BANKS — Beggin For Thread
  3. Cage The Elephant — Ain't No Rest For The Wicked
  4. Meg Myers — Curbstomp
  5. Dorothy — Raise Hell
  6. Purity Ring — Begin Again
  7. Chlöe Howl — Rumour
  8. Bad Seed Rising — Bad Seed Rising
  9. Valerie Broussard — A Little Wicked
  10. Cœur de Pirate — Ocean's Brawl

Her Story


Cass Bonheur used to be a cute kid. She grew up with the love and support of near an entire station after losing her mother at the age of six, and fed off the attention she was given with interest. What she wanted, she usually got, if not from her frequently absent and overworked father, then from neighbours and connections she made high and wide. She was clever, amicable, and while something of an overly-independent trickster, generally thought of as a good kid. Coming from Farm Station, she showed an early aptitude for botany, but had her sights set higher, and would frequently wander both physically and aspirationally into Go-Sci.

No one is quite sure what changed: hormones, perhaps. At some point she became an inexplicably mean-spirited, unapproachable creature, increasingly reserved at first and then downright vicious.

If you asked her today why she became that way, she'd tell you she was only doing what she had to do. Life doesn't hand you anything on a silver platter, and what you need to get, you take. There are many creative ways to take, and not all of them involve force. Cassie never raised a finger to anyone until much, much later in life.

Cue Michael Larson, her Earth Skills teacher — charismatic, intelligent, and well-respected in the community. It's easy to see why a teenage girl would be enamoured by him, and her early crush was no secret; less easy to see is why she saw fit to extort and slowly denigrate his reputation over the next few years. A whiff of favouritism towards her in class was caught by the noses of many, but the full extent of it didn't become apparent until one day she was found red-handed with a truly impressive (or appalling, depending how you look at it) haul of black market goods, the entire blame for which she pinned on him. After her interrogation, both he and her father were floated for being complicit in her crime, but for all of her silver-forked tongue and tricks, she was unable to weasel her way out of being boxed. The goods she stole included food, water, medicine and extra rations. To this date, the circumstances around her crimes remain muddy: some say she was having an indiscreet affair with her teacher, who was indeed complicit; others refuse to believe this of such an upstanding man, and believe he was a scapegoat; some believe she was selling services to multiple persons of interest to acquire those goods. It's even rumoured she may have been trying to poison her own father before getting him floated.

As for the truth? Cass is of the opinion that you can believe whatever you want to believe, and will cheerfully admit to any and every accusation thrown her way. She wears her reputation like an armour, and will pull no punches when it comes to proving those who confront her right.

Upon her arrival at the Skybox, aged seventeen, she became even worse. The already selfish, manipulative, temperamental girl became physically aggressive, and she hasn't stopped fighting since. Scrawny though she may be, she will willingly hurl herself head-first into any losing brawl, if her sharp tongue doesn't solve things first. Unfortunately this kind of behaviour doesn't fly in the Skybox, which is why her crimes were updated to 'Assault', and she was soon placed in Solitary, where rumours about her provocative conduct continued — this time involving one of the guards.

Cass was at an advantage upon her arrival on Earth, something she had never had before. Her Earth Skills turned out to involve more than being very good at exploiting her teacher: she actually did know her plants, and is an excellent tracker. Finding water, food and shelter are no problem for her, and though she'd frequently help by bringing medicinal plants back to the group, she'd also disappear for days at a time without telling anyone where she was going. As for that help, well, it's always on her terms. And there are terms.

She was pardoned for her crimes when the Ark followed the landing of the 100, herself being one of only 31 known survivors, but here things took a turn for the strange: she didn't want to be pardoned. No, Cass said, "Thanks, but no thanks," and seemed far more interested in finding her own way, both in the wild and among Grounder culture. Although offered a position fielding ecological research for the Ark, and despite showing occasional signs of caring for someone other than herself, her future at Camp Jaha remains for now uncertain.

Her Exploits

Associates (Season Two)

Ark The Ark : Zero trust. Don't want 'em, don't need 'em. They pardoned me? That's nice. I don't pardon them.
Delinquents The 100 31 : One Hundred of us came down to the ground… and only thirty-one of us made it out alive. I guess all I can say is I'm glad that I'm one of the thirty-one. Some seem to think they've moved on from their crimes now that they've been pardoned, but I don't. Once a skaisplita, always a skaisplita.
Grounders Strangers : The discovery that there are other people on the Ground has changed everything, in more ways than one. They're brutal and dangerous, but with every day that goes by, I'm more and more convinced that they're just human — for better or worse.
MountainMen The Who Now? : I'm not naive enough to believe that they actually have our people. Our people are dead, and everyone else needs to get it through their thick heads.

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