Cole Menge
Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller as Cole Menge
Full Name: Cole Menge
Age: 18
Clan: Sky People
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Techie/Thief
Partner(s): Jael Ryan Height: 5' 10"
Father: Cal Menge Weight: 180 pds
Mother: Jodi Fuller Hair Color: Black
Siblings: None Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


  • Cole Menge's parents were not married, they were more of a dalliance during a Unification Day celebration. But considering that Cole was the result of it, his parents were more or less stuck together. His parents never exactly loved each other, but they liked each other enough to live together, for their kid's sake.
  • His mother, who was a mechanic and more or less helped Cole get into the same job field, died during a repair of an airlock, accidentally being vented into space. His father, while he cared, he simply moved on, which somehow included him forgetting about his own son, creating some degree of resentment.
  • Worked as a mechanic in Mecha station as soon as he was old enough to take the position, and made a name for himself being pretty bright on fixing things and improvising on problems that couldn't be fixed otherwise.
  • What got him thrown in jail was, despite being pretty good at sneaky about to snag the occasional supplies to help in his projects, ones that he was otherwise not given, he was caught trying to lift medication for his severly ill father. Considering he was 17 at the time, he was tossed in jail to await sentencing.
  • And like 99 other of his compatriots, he tossed on a dropship instead of being floated. Which may end just prolonging the inevitable.



Cole is a rather plain looking man. Five foot ten with shaggy longer black hair that's been allowed to grow out to a bit scragly and unkempt. Not so much built as slapped together, he's the lanky sort, he doesn't seem to standout all that much, though he could've been atheletic had he felt the desire. Rather, he seems to blend in pretty with all the other faces in the crowd. Brighter than usual blue eyes that seems to hold a rather permenant soured or focused expression. Light scruffy facial hair surround that, giving a 'five o'clock' shadow look along the jaw.

His clothes mark of one who lives a bit on the frugal side of one's paycheck, like so many other. Well-worn cargo pants and boots, though the boots look like they've been…fiddled with. An well-cared and well-loved old brown leather jacket with a grey shirt under that. All in all, he doesn't seem to wear much in the way of fantastic clothes, the majority of them were probably bought traded for or hand-me-downs.


  • Amateur Astronomer: Spending enough time staring out windows on the Ark, and then looking at old star charts in the library, Cole has a decent amount of knowledge on constellations, their meaning, stories based on them. Also, gives him a bit of directional knowledge while on the ground, so long as he can see stars.
  • Foul-Mouthed: He likes to swear. A lot.
  • Survivor: Getting treated like hell in Mecha Station, and being raised by a father who didn't really care about him, Cole has gone through enough that he can take just about whatever is thrown at him. And yeah, his mouth doesn't make that any easier.
  • Sleight of Hand: Being a thief has it's upsides, being able to making some items simply vanish, as if he never actually touched it. It's a nice skill to have.
  • Driven: He does not give up on something he puts his mind on. Ever. For better or wose, he will see something through to the end.
  • Idealistic: Cole has an idea of how the way things should be, even if they never are. Still, it's something he strives for, even if his attitude and personality suggest otherwise.



Epoch, as Cole has named it, was a rare gift, forged for him specifically by the smith Que kom Trikru. It's not a weapon that either of them would make, rather it was made out of need, rather than want. Cole is not a combatant, not by nature, but he and Que agreed that there is a time when a craftsman must put down his tools and pick up a weapon. Not one to destroy, but one who creates, Cole has taken the blade, an honorable gift from a man with no taste for war for his own. With a knife, he inscribed a name onto the weapon. Epoch, a period of time in history or a person's life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics. Picking up a sword? That would qualify.

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1. KMFDM - Dogma
2. KMFDM - Davai
3. KMFDM - Hau Ruck
4. KMFDM - Free Your Hate

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Known Associates

Hanne Hanne Keats : So…that happened. I don't really regret it, but I didn't fuckin expect it either. I guess it couldn't of been with a nicer fuckin person though. Does that make us friends or…what?
Fiona Fiona Kattegat : Fi has a lot going for her. But there are times where I think she's a bit too fuckin idealistic for anyone's good. Good intentions, but she's looking for a utopia, and we're pretty fucking far away from on. Still…her heart is where is it counts.
Silver Silver Kennedy : I like Sil. I have this weird feeling she's got a great sense of humor, but she refuses to actually fuckin use it. Too damn closed off. Desipite that, having someone like her around is someone who's good side you want to stay on.
Cassandra Cassandra Bonheur : Boy, you played me like a fuckin fiddle, didn't you? I hope you get everything you got coming to you. Thanks for spitting in the hand I offered.
Layla Layla Lee : It's weird. She's like the female version of me. But with with doctoring shit an less swearing. So does it say that it's ego that I like talking to her? Or that she's just cool? Whatever, she's good in my book.
Kai Kai Adams : I thought she was a bitch, but after actually talking to her, I think she's alright. Probably the one Ex-C I trust enough to not shoot me in the back.
Jael Jael Ryan : Had some good times so far, and I like her. She's smart, she's sane, and she sees the same shit I do. The writing on the wall. Fact is, I think I might like her too much. And that bothers me.

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