Cookie Baker (deceased)
Kiersey Clemons
Kiersey Clemons as Alma Eithne "Cookie" Baker (not even her kin call her Alma)
Full Name: Alma Eithne "Cookie" Baker (not even her kin call her Alma)
Age: 18 (DoB: June 23; RIP: July 16)
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Maker of Yum-Yums
Partner(s): None Height: 5'6"
Father: Kendrick Baker Weight: Healthy
Mother: Camilla Baker née O'Keefe Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Cameron Scott (non-blooded cousin) Eye Color: Brown
Children: None

Cookie Baker was the undisputed Maker of Yum-Yums and unofficial Camp Mom of the 100.

On Day 27, she was among those abducted by Mount Weather after the Trikru war party that attacked the sky camp retreated.
On Day 49, she died on a slab as the result of her sweet, sweet bone marrow being greedily gobbled up.

It's possible that she was chosen for Project Harvest because she had the audacity to make the most delicious crème brûlée ever tasted by anyone in the Mountain — a claim to fame that was previously held by the wife of one Dr. Salvador Charles Montgomery.

<TPs> Salvador says, "I saw the wiki update, Cookie. It's canon."

Haters gonna hate.


Some cultures are renowned for their love of, and facility for, food and alcohol. The Germans and the Irish know all about making and imbibing booze, and huge family meals are a commonplace tradition among African-Americans and Italian-Americans. Being born a melange of the aforementioned, Cookie was immersed from the get-go in such things, memorizing family recipes and practicing what culinary techniques the Ark's paltry ingredients would permit. She learned how to grow plants and distill their essences into oils. She also learned how to distill and ferment fruits, grains, root vegetables, and even soy into liquor. Nutrition and herbal remedies were part of her curriculum, as were food hygiene, preparation, and preservation. All of which laid a solid foundation for her great aptitude and great interest in molecular gastronomy.

Things were going great! Cookie had a happy and loving home life, several close friends she considered family, and a wider circle of amusing associates. At work, she was a prodigious rising star already starting to eclipse others. Of note, she and her father significantly improved the texture of the soy "meat" served aboard the Ark. Of greater note, after many years and many failures, her discerning palate, keen sense of smell, and knowledge of biochemistry finally resulted in an artificial chocolate flavoring that tasted pretty damn close to fine Belgian chocolate.

Alas, Cookie would only have a month to bask in her success. Just enough time for her chocolike(TM) pudding to be added to the Ark's menu, welcomed with rave reviews.

Speaking of raves, that's what derailed everything. Sociable, fun-loving, and wanting to get their dance on, Cookie and a few friends planned and hosted the most epic rave the Ark has ever known — a party on a level to rival the heyday of illicit dance parties on Earth. Cookie's enthusiasm proved to be contagious, resulting in no small amount of favors granted to pull it off, and no small amount of attendees. Everyone involved was convinced it was the Best Idea Ever — until they realized it really wasn't.

The making and distribution of illegal alcohol was bad enough. The joints made from stolen medicinal marijuana made it worse. As did the loud music, and the mess, and the unintended site damage in that part of Arrow Station, and the drunken fistfight between some idiots that turned into drunken fistfight between some idiots and the members of the Guard who bust in to break it all up. The small (accidental, people!) fire certainly didn't improve the situation.

As for Cookie, she refused to out any of her fellow ringleaders, even when the Powers That Be told her that cooperation would be taken into consideration during her coming-of-age retrial. (Friends are family, yo, and family protects family.) As a reward for her loyalty, she woke up (with a hangover) on a one-way Dropship trip to Earth, having been convicted of Disruption, and made a last-minute member of the 100.

On the ground, she became the undisputed Maker of Yum-Yums, acting somewhat as the Camp Mom, with an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on. Alas, Cookie was among those who were abducted by Mount Weather, as well as among those whose bone marrow the Mountain Men fatally harvested.

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