Devin Morrison
Connor Jessup
Connor Jessup as Devin James Morrison
Full Name: Devin James Morrison
Age: 17 years old
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Weaponsmith
Partner(s): None Height: 5'6"
Father: Michael Morrison (d. 2136) Weight: 103 lbs
Mother: Elizabeth Morrison (d. 2136) Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Edith Morrison Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


Usually, finding out you're pregnant is an occasion to celebrate and a time of happiness. This was not the occasion for Elizabeth and Michael Morrison of Tesla Station. Aboard the Ark, each family is only allowed to have one child. Unfortunately for the Morrison's, they had a daughter, Edith. This presented them with a choice. Do they abort the pregnancy or do they keep their new unborn child? In a decision that they did not take lightly, they decided to keep their child. It was not something easy to do and probably only succeeded because of a close family friend who was a doctor and agreed to help. On May 11th, 2132 Elizabeth gave birth in their quarters to Devon James Morrison. Everyone knew the risks and the consequences that came with their decisions. Devon was not allowed to leave the family's quarters and never got to experience the Ark outside the walls of their home.

The life that Devon knew was not an easy one. He knew nothing of the rest of the station except for the members of his family, but his mother would always tell him stories about the Ark and about Earth. He became obsessed with it, wanting to hear stories more about the planet below them than the Ark that they lived on. Most of his life was spent hiding in a crawl space under the floor in order to keep the guards and the council from knowing of his existence. This was his existence for the first four years of his life until their secret was discovered. During an inspection of their quarters, one of the guards discovered Devon's hiding place and Devon inside. His parents were floated for concealing a second child and Devon was taken to the Skybox. His new home. He never saw his sister after the day their parents were floated. Every day after, he always feared his eighteenth birthday when he would be able to be floated like his parents. It was something that haunted him each day as he got older.

Over the years, he saw new faces come and go out of the Skybox and was trained to work on some of the electronic equipment, mostly repairing broken equipment. But he still never saw his sister and slowly began to resent her for forsaking him to the punishment he was given just for being born and forgetting about him. As he grew up, the world in the Skybox became his world. He further educated himself by reading anything he could get his hands on and learned to survive in the Skybox the hard way. Of everything he read, he still held onto his fascination with the planet that they orbit. He learned to protect himself from those who were older, bigger and tougher than he was. Fighting to earn his place and to protect himself. This is the only life he has known, only hearing rumors and stories about life on the Ark second hand by those who come into the Skybox with him.



Devin is a young man who appears to be in his mid- to late teens. He stands five feet, six inches tall and has an athletic build. He has short brown hair and brown eyes that has a hint of anger within them. He has a strong jaw with a squared chin and a short and narrow nose. His face and hands show several small scars from cuts and injuries sustained over the years. He has a fresh looking scar on the left side of his face from his cheek back towards his ear.

He is dressed in a pair of dark grey cargo pants that seem to be fairly baggy on him and are held up by a black nylon belt with a silver buckle. A blue t-shirt covers his torso beneath a black jacket that has been left unzipped. His feet are covered by a pair of black boots that are commonly worn by people from the Ark. His clothes are covered and stained with dirt, grime and dried blood from his time on the ground. Tucked into his belt are two makeshift knives positioned on either hip, positioned for easy reach.


Quirk Description
Ambidextrous Devin is able to use either hand as if it were his dominate hand.
Distrusting He has a distrust of new people and people that he doesn't know very well. But if he gets to know them, he opens up.
Earth Obsessed Since a very young age, he has been obsessed with Earth and the history of the planet. He's studied everything that he can about it.
Long Term Incarceration Devin has been in the Skybox since he was four years old. It is really the only life that he really knows.
Resentful He has become resentful of his sister because he believes that she abandoned him when he was taken away after their parents were floated.
Self-Reliant Devin has learned to take care of himself and how to become less reliant on others to do things for him.

Musical Inspiration

On the Grid


  • First of the 100 to step foot on Earth.
  • First of the 100 to draw Grounder blood.
  • Was captured and held prisoner along with Morgan, Quinn and Ruth.

Known Associates

Ark The Arkers : Coming Soon…
Delinquents The 100 : The camp is divided over different issues, the Grounders being the major issue. A select few keep wanting to make decisions for everyone without discussing it with us all and it's pissing people off. If people don't stop being selfish and doing things on their own, then this camp is going to continue to be divided and we're all going to be fucked. We are going to need a core leadership and soon.
Grounders The Grounders : We thought we were alone on the planet, but come to find out, we're not. The grounders have survived on the planet for who knows how long and have the knowledge that we need. Despite them taking me and a few others hostage, I can't bring myself to blame them. I want to know more about them and to learn what I can about them.

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