Evie Williams (deceased)
Kaitlyn Dever
Kaitlyn Dever as Evelyn Dorothea Williams
Full Name: Evelyn Dorothea Williams
Age: 17
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Manslaughter
Partner(s): N/A Height: 5'2"
Father: Michael Williams Weight: 115lbs.
Mother: Burke Williams Hair Color: Auburn
Siblings: N/A Eye Color: Brown
Children: N/A


Evie Williams was born of Burke and Michael Williams. Her parents are both lab techs working on Agro station, and because of this she had quite the boost in help when it came to her Earth Studies classes. She excelled in botany and geology studies, although her true interest was in rising above her class and moving into medicine. Evie was well on her way to eventually becoming a doctor, but was thrown into Lockup shortly after turning sixteen.

Her childhood was relatively unremarkable, marked only by her intelligence and athleticism. For a brief period during her thirteenth year, she considered going into mechanics with the hopes of doing zero-g work (who wouldnt love to float around outside the Ark and tinker with things?) - but she couldn't develop a taste for mechanical study. Although somewhat impulsive and perhaps a little bit flakey, Evie could be described by her remaining friends as fun-loving and humorous up until she met her soon-to-be boyfriend - Sterling.

Sterling was a bit of a bad boy, and his influence on Evie was palpable. Controlling and equally impulsive, he fed Evie's wild need to rebel against her otherwise bookish, boring existence. Shortly after their initial hookup, when she was fifteen, Evie's moods turned unpredictable, and she wound up in trouble numerous times (at least with her parents) for drinking, shirking her studies, and fighting with her peers. This would go on for almost a year before being confronted by a former best friend - Cris - a conflict that would escalate from shouting to shoving. Evie responded with unparalleled temper, and in a fit of pique she shoved her friend so hard that the girl tripped, fell back into a table, and hit her head on the corner. Cris would eventually succumb to the injury and die.

Thus Evie was ejected from her home and thrown into prison for a term of two years to await her 18th birthday and a case review. Her presence earned her an "election" as one of the 100 that would be loaded into the dropship and tossed down to Earth.



This young Arker female stands at a measly five-foot-two, and her form is lithe and wiry. Survival on the ground has chiseled out stark cheekbones and a lot of jagged edges around hip, shoulder, elbow and knee. A wild mane of muted auburn hair punctuated with slender braids is left to hang around her shoulders. Bits of miscellaneous dried flora have been woven into the braids, adding a speckled, nearly camouflage-like look. Freckles dot her nose and cheeks, following the curvature of her wide hazel eyes. Her thin lips are most often pursed into a thin line of disapproval. She bears the telltale sign of a burgeoning botanist: her fingertips seemed permanently stained green from handling plant matter on the regular.

She is currently dressed in muted colors: dark brown pants bear signs of wear with hastily stitched tears and multi-colored patches over the knees. Her sleeveless shirt was once green but has since been bleached into a watery gray-green from exposure to sunlight. Her cracked leather jacket fits snugly and offers an array of pockets to stash things. She has a small-handled knife tucked into the waistband of her pants against the small of her back, and on her feet she wears a pair of black boots.


Quick to Anger: Evie has a temper, and it goes off like a flashbang. It takes very little to fuel her ire, but it would be wise to get the hell out of dodge if she's poked.

Standoffish: Going hand-in-hand with her short temper (and dislike of people), Evie is quite distant from others. She may act and react sociably, but she is very, very slow to develop deep ties. She rarely reveals much of herself or her feelings beyond the basics of "angry" and "not angry."

Botanist: Evie excelled at Earth Studies with a focus on medicinal herblore.

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Known Associates

Cassandra Cassandra the Coward : Bitch freaking jumped ship. Definitely going to keep an eye on. No trust there.
Cole Cole the Mechanic : Don't know much about Cole as a person, but I know his skills are crucial on the ground. We're going to need to keep him alive.
Cookie Cookie doesn't need a nickname : Officially my homegirl. Cookie saved my ass, and I would do the same for her in a heartbeat. Plus: boner jokes; her boner jokes are on point.
Faolan Faolan the Whip : When he's not being Broody McBrooderson, he's actually got some good ideas. He doesn't even seem to realize how useful his input is, or how much we're going to need his inherent sense of leadership. I guess it's true that the best leaders don't even want the job.
Grey Grey the Shark : I'm not sure I can trust him as far as I can throw him, but he has some skills and enough pull with others to keep us on track. We just need to get on track first…
Lip Lip the..Mouth.. : I don't know him, but I do know he needs to learn how to shut the fuck up.
Quinn Quinn : Need more interaction to really decide about Quinn, but so far I like her.

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