Jack Forrester
Sufjan Stevens
Sufjan Stevens as Jack Forrester
Full Name: Jack Forrester
Age: 18
Clan: Delinquents
Faction: Skaikru
Title/Profession: Assault
Partner(s): None Height: 5'11"
Father: Frank Forrester Weight: 157 lbs.
Mother: Elizabeth Forrester Hair Color: Dark brown
Siblings: None Eye Color: Green
Children: None




Probably a little over eighteen, this guy still has some of the characteristics of youth, but seems a little more hardened for his age. He's about an inch shy of six feet tall and lanky. He's fairly thin, and has pale skin with dark hair and light green eyes. He seems to have a lackadaisical regard for his physical appearance, and often lets his stubble grow out and doesn't do much with his hair, allowing it to sit wild and crooked on his head.

He's dressed in a black jumpsuit with the top unzipped to expose a white t-shirt. The top of the jumpsuit is tethered around his waist with the arms from it tied like a belt. He's also wearing a pair of heavy boots and doesn't have any kind of jewelry except for the wrist band that Skaikru delinquents are required to wear.


  • Computer Science: Jack is really adept at understanding computers, electronics, and generally anything involving dealing with machines.
  • Almost Ridiculously Headstrong: My way or the highway, fellas. Not really, but Jack's pretty good at pushing for things until they get done.
  • Has a Short-Fuse: Jack is prone toward anger, and gets frustrated easily.

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