Frankie Holloway
Dakota Blue Richards
Dakota Blue Richards as Francine "Frankie" Holloway
Full Name: Francine "Frankie" Holloway
Age: 17
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Chemist/Future Cook
Partner(s): Nope Height: 5'11"
Father: Jeremy Holloway Weight: 135
Mother: Lucille Holloway Hair Color: Auburn
Siblings: 0 Eye Color: Brown
Children: 0


Frankie was born to Jeremy and Lucille Holloway, just to middle of the road scientists that did what they could to help keep the Ark working. While the couple wanted a son, they were quite happy to have a healthy girl. Though this is how she end up being called Frankie from a very young age.

She inherited her parents love for science, focusing more on chemistry. As she grew into her teenage years though she begin to get a bit more experimental in her alchemical experiments. Can we say moonshine? She got quite a little business going and amoung the other teens and a few more unsavory adults she was well known as the person to go to for if you wanted some moonshine made.

Sure, sure. Making moonshine requires water and other supplies. She just made the stuff, the people that wanted it made were the ones that supplied her with the necessary ingredients. She didn't care if the ingredients were gotten legally, as long as she got paid in the end.

Being known for bootlegging does have its drawbacks. It got her busted and thrown into the Skybox, the official crime is theft of resources, but does that really matter when you are just going to be floated in the end.

Floating wasn't in the cards for Frankie. Instead she was put on the dropship and sent to earth with 100 of her closest friends. The landing though wasn't all that the brochure said it would be. She ended up with a serious leg injury that left her leg twisted and now she needs to cane/walking stick to get around.



A tall, lanky..girl? Yes must be a girl she has the soft facial features of one, but other than that she has little in the way of curves or figure. It doesn't help that her auburn hair is cut pixie short. Her complexion is pale and freckled and she has brown eyes.

For clothing she wears a blue jumpsuit, partly zipped up, over a grey tanktop. The most noticeable feature is her left leg. It's twisted in a way that doesn't make walking quick or easy. Because of this the left leg of the jumpsuit has been spilt down the outside and is laced closed. On her feet are the usual Ark issued boots.


(Al)chemist - That (Al) stands for Alcohol, the drinking kind. She can make it, and the still to brew it in. She isn't limited to that of course, but that is what put her in the Skybox. Just wait until she discovers things that go boom. Then the real fun begins.

Curious - Frankie has always been curious..and now she is on a planet no one, that she is aware of, has set foot on in generations…this is bound to get her into trouble.

Gimpy Leg - Her left leg was fragged in the dropship descent. She can walk on it, slowly, with a cane or walking stick.

Infamy - On the Ark she was the go-to girl for booze if you were underage and in need of alcoholic party enhancers. Ultimately this is what landed her in the Skybox, even if her crime on the books was listed as theft.

Observant - She is a people watcher and noticer of things. Be careful what you do around her.

Wanderlust - This goes hand-in-hand with the curious bit. She wants to be out there, wandering and exploring, seeing what is over the next hill or beyond that field.

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Known Associates

Henry Spear Dude : Wants alcohol, willing to get me the supplies needed to I can make a still and then make booze.
Morgan Doctor Bedside Manner : Willow Bark Tea sucks…just sayin.
Martin Water Bearer : Making sure I stay hydrated and helping with the booze thing.
Lip Fast Talker : Annoying and amusing all that the same time.
Cassandra Fighty McFighterson : Fighting with Ruth…not sure over what, likes orgys?
Ruth Ms. Punchy McPuncherson : Fighting with Cass…no idea.

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