Galle kom Trikru
Lynn Collins
Lynn Collins as Galle (gal-lei) Kom Trikru
Full Name: Galle (gal-lei) Kom Trikru
Age: 33 Years Old
Clan: Trikru
Faction: Grounders
Title/Profession: Healer
Partner(s): Timore kom Trikru (d) Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Father: Omas kom Trikru (d) Weight: Fit
Mother: Ilar kom Trikru Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Some (contact for more info) Eye Color: Blue
Children: None



Galle kom Trikru — so named for the National Art Gallery of Washington D.C. — was born and raised in Tondc. She was the daughter of a Maker and a Warrior, but neither vocations spoke to her in her youth. No, she was more content fussing around the Healing House where her grandmother spent her days, tending to the sick and wounded of the Trikru capital.

Galle was a spirited youth, though some commented she came into this world with an old soul. She was serious from quite a young age, and did not engage in flights of fancy nor imaginative play. No, while children her own age were running around in a pack, Galle was in the Healing House or out in the forests collecting herbs and plants.

Her grandmother was the fourth healer in a long line of healers, but her mother had decided not to go the ways of her lineage, focusing on stone-crafts. Through her grandmother, Galle learned about sickness and disease through the eyes of a woman whose knowledge emerged from old Earth doctors. Techniques were adapted over time to fit the low-technology status of the world, but most people knew that if they needed to be cured of a sickness, they needed to travel to Tondc to see Komfi Itl (Granny Itl).

Galle was seconded under her grandmother when she was around eleven — early for a second, but few barely registered when the long-time teaching became official. She was always in the House of Healing, so naturally, she would be trained there. She had already participated in helping warriors critically injured during the first ice war. As a second, she assisted in healing those injured in various skirmishes and fights, but did not see battle wounds again until the second ice war.

By the Second Ice War, Galle had been partnered with a man named Timore. He was a warrior, which meant she was soon tending to more than just sickness and the occasional injury. He would come home, bloodied and battered, and require her healing touch. They worked well together, but it was not to be.

Being thirty and a healer in her own right, Galle was actually sent to the Ice Nation lands to be a healer back at the camps. She worked with warriors, tending to wounds and serious injuries, but also sicknesses. Seeing war up-close hardened her a bit more, and also finally cemented her mindset of being unphased by the worst — even when the worst is her husband dying from sepsis.

Widowed three years now and now a healer of Tondc, she still sees after the injured and the sick. She has expressed interest with Indra to study the Ark healing arts, and hopefully be able to integrate more healing methods into the Trikru's skills.



This woman stands at a tall and muscled five feet and eight inches in height. Her muscle is not from training, but instead from day to day labor of being a healer. She has broad shoulders, and long arms that lead into long, dexterous fingers. She is not a thin creature, but carries a healthiness about her that suggests a hearty diet and a life constantly on her feet. Her skin is a deep copper, and it plays well with the red hues of her tattoos — all of which are geometric in nature from the caps of rectangles over her shoulders, to the wrap of dots around her upper arm. Her face is long and lean with high cheekbones, a long pointed nose, and a high forehead. A soft arc of geometric patterns start at the right side of her forehead and follow down in fine whorls along her right cheek. Her eyes are a deep sapphire, and rimmed in fine lines of kohl.


Galle has tattoos over most of her body. Some are personal in nature — i.e. the flowering tribal design on the balls of her shoulders represent her dead husband, Timore — but others are ways in which she records medicinal formulas. She does this through spirals, hashes, circles, dots, and other symbols. This tradition came from her komfi, who also kept a living journal of healing on her own skin as a mnemonic device. Here are some examples of Galle's tattoo styles:


  • Bone Whisperer: While Galle is not fluent in Western medicines, she has a unique knowledge of the body's anatomy and physiology. She is able to feel bones and internal organs to help in her diagnosis of ailments.
  • Headology: Sometimes all someone needs is a good placebo. Galle is quite good at offering strange, but believable cures and antidotes to problems that are often all in someone's head. And sometimes if there isn't a problem, but needs to be one, she is also good at creating it.
  • Ice War Widow: Galle's houmon Timore kom Trikru died in the last year of the Second Ice War. He was a veteran warrior at the time, almost thirty-six in age. He served as a young Second in the First Ice War, and had a proud reputation amongst the Tondc warriors. Galle has not had a serious relationship since his death, and some fear that her entire life is now all about seeing after the health and well-being of her clan.
  • No Time for Bullshit: This quirk does not require more description.
  • Unphased by the Gross: Galle does not seem to care about pus, blood, goo, feces, or any other gross stuff. She might even be slightly fascinated by it.

Musical Inspiration

If I Had a Heart - Fever Ray

If I had a heart, I could love you.
If I had a voice, I could sing.
After the night, when I wake up,
I'll see what tomorrow brings.

Keep the Streets Empty - Fever Ray

Uncover our heads and reveal our souls.
We were hungry before we were born.

Umbra Nihili - Aeone

A wordless song of rhythm and power
to take me beyond the "shadow
of nothingness" to a deeper place

I See Fire - Ed Sheeran

Now I see fire, inside the mountain
I see fire, burning the trees
And I see fire, hollowing souls
I see fire, blood in the breeze
And I hope that you remember me

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