Gertie Black
Valorie Curry
Valorie Curry as Gertie Black
Full Name: Gertie Black
Age: 18 years
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Botanical Nerd/Framed for Theft
Partner(s): None Height: 5 foot 4 inches
Father: Anthony Black Weight: 105 lbs
Mother: Kathryn Black Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: None Eye Color: Grey
Children: None


If there's one thing that can be said about Gertie Black, it's that her childhood was unremarkable. Her mother worked in agrotech and her father was a scientist involved in the research of a better and more sustainable method of food production. A shared interest in botanics brought them together and Gertie was born around a year after they married.

She was educated, like any other child, and showing an aptitude in the fields in which her parents were involved, she gravitated towards and was encouraged in that direction. She was allowed to make notes, help and assist in whatever capacity she was able to from the age of ten and upwards, and was often to be found keeping one or the other company whilst they worked. Quiet and bookish by nature, she would soak up any and all material that she could lay her hands on in the fields of botanics, chemistry and farming methods, and by the time that she was fifteen it seemed very much the case that she would follow her father into the field of biological research.

Though Gertie had many friends, she was never particularly close to anyone, and if pressed on the matter then she would claim that she didn't have time for such and preferred her own company. Which wasn't strictly true, and she certainly wasn't a loner at heart for she could often be found at the training rooms, putting in work to stay physically fit and mentally alert, and throwing herself into anything and everything that the Ark had to offer its youth.

Gertie had just turned seventeen when a routine inventory and check was ordered in the lab in which she worked. Discrepancies came to light and workers had their rooms and possessions searched, and a stash of chemicals was found amongst Gertie's things. Ethylphenidate, benzocaine, 5-MeO-Dalt. Gertie claimed innocence, though her claims fell on deaf ears, and she was sent to The Box to await the inevitable. She spent eight months incarcerated before the drop.




Gertie stands at an average five-foot-four in stature, and carries about her an air of quiet self-confidence and reserve. Possessed of features that are elfin and delicate, she has wide-set eyes of a stormy grey, a straight nose and a determined chin. Her smile, when shown, is vibrant, and she wears her hair in a razored pixie-crop that feathers about the angles of cheeks and jaw. She errs on the side of slender and athletic rather than curvaceous in build, though her muscles are honed enough that they show in the lines of her shoulders, arms and legs.

She wears a dark khaki tee-shirt that's tucked into fading and worn black pants, with a shirt that's several sizes too large thrown over the top. The sleeves are rolled up to her elbows and over the top of this she wears an ancient and much-repaired leather jacket. Heavy black boots with thickly cleated soles are laced to her ankles.


  • Avid Reader: She loves the written word, and soaks up anything she can get her hands on. There's a constancy to be found in words. Words don't let you down.
  • Claustrophobia: She has an irrational fear of confined spaces, and her time in the Skybox almost broke her. It stems from an incident when she was eight. She's generally a level-headed character, but freak outs will occur if she's made to face this phobia.
  • Optimist: Can be annoyingly so at times. The sun will come out tomorrow…
  • Science: She was working with her father in sustainable food research when she got pitched into the Skybox. She's a keen mind for botanics and chemistry and is useful insofar as identifying what's edible and what's not as the delinquents start exploring their environment.
  • Moralistic: Gertie has strong morals and ethics. Which isn't to say she comes down hardcore in black and white fashion on what's right and what's wrong, because there's always shades of grey, even for her.

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Known Associates

Elias Elias Lapointe : " We grew up around each other on the Agro Station and we got stoned together a time or two. His fault, not mine. Looking forward to exploring the ground with him and applying what I've learned to what we find."
Grey Lucian Grey : "I didn't really get to know Grey when in the box, though I'm starting to question myself as to why. I guess it was the whole 'he battered his mother to death' thing. It's hard to equate that with the person I'm seeing here on the ground, however, and I guess maybe I trust him? I don't know why, maybe it's because he seems to care about us. The group."
Lark Lark Wood : "I didn't get to know her that well when boxed, but maybe that'll change now we're thrown together in a more practical way. Not seen anything as yet to put me off her, so that's always good."
Lip Lip Wylde : "How he survived the box with the way he never shuts up, is a miracle. But you know what? I actually don't mind it so much now that we're on the ground, and it's a counterpoint to the attitude of some of the others I'm sharing air space with. Told him I'd kiss him. Oh fuck."
Max Max Loden : "We knew each other before he got himself taken off to the Skybox, though I never thought I'd eventually join him there. It was nice to see him again after four years of having not, even if it's shit the way that it happened. Those years in the box have changed him, but I can see flashes of the old Max comng out again now we have a relative measure of freedom."
Quinn Samantha Quinn : TBD

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