Gideon kom Skaikru
Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel as Gideon kom Skaikru
Full Name: Gideon kom Skaikru
Age: 22 Years Old
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Citizen of Camp Jaha
Title/Profession: Laborer and Teacher
Partner(s): Grey kom Skaikru Height: 5'7"
Father: Freed kom Trikru Weight: 138 Pounds
Mother: Aine kom Trikru Hair Color: Golden-Brown
Siblings: Benning kom Trikru (20)
1 other Sibling (undefined)
Eye Color: Dark Green
Children: None



Gideon kom Trikru was born to a warrior and a healer in the village of Coesbur. She grew up as most Grounders do as part of a pack of children all looked after by the village. While the majority of her care was seen to by her parents, the village put in quite a bit of upbringing, illustrating that it indeed takes a village to raise a child.

Gideon followed in her mother's footsteps, training as a warrior at the young age of ten. She began her training by learning the martial arts of close-melee fighting, but eventually found a passion behind the taut pull of a bow.

When Gideon was thirteen years old, she went to Tondc to join the Trikru armies. She proved to be a strong and willful fighter — an immense amount of potential within her that caught the eye of the kruheda. By the time she was fourteen, she had been selected as second to Chief Indra kom Trikru. This was a great honor, but would later become seen as a terrible lapse of judgement.

It was during her time with Indra that she killed a Mountain Man and upon his body found a small MP3 player with music from a time long forgotten. The batteries were barely charged, but it sparked her interest. She became interested in Old Earth technology, particularly in finding ways to keep her little device charged. When she was not working with the Grounder armies, she was searching for solar cells and other low power sources to charge her little electronic device. It soon became a signature of her — The Battery Hunter.

When Gideon was around seventeen years of age, a decision she made caused her to fall out of favor with the Chief. Indra passed her on to another warrior within the Tondc armies, but no longer acknowledged the young Trikru as her second. Gideon spent more and more time away from Tondc and instead in the forests of the Woods Clan, the failure in Tondc proving to be just the beginning of a long line of mishaps.

She was named a full warrior at the age of twenty — a good two years older than most of her peers. She returned to Coesbur to serve under Oxfor kom Trikru. She functioned more or less as a scout for the armies, maintaining the clan's perimeter. This also allowed her to be part of the village while also being apart, in hopes that she would no longer be seen as a source of disappointment.

At the age of twenty-two, when the "star" fell from the sky, bringing with it the Skaikru, Gideon was tasked to bring the captured delinquents to Indra, but ended up being captured herself.

Gideon spent several long days in the delinquent camp, only to be freed by Grey kom Skaikru, Fiona kom Skaikru, and Faolan kom Skaikru. They escorted Gideon and her friend Wren back to Coesbur and opened up negotiations with Oxfor kom Trikru — the village steheda.

Gideon began forming attachments to the Skaikru delinquents, and even helped train them in preparation for Indra's war against the Skaikru after the destruction of Thripoda. She was sentenced to ten cuts for violating her kruheda's call. She asked to be released from Indra's service, as she had grown attached to Grey kom Skaikru, and she hoped that she would be worthy enough to join the Skaikru. This created a rift between her and other Trikru as she has chosen being a Skaikru over being a Trikru.

She spent several days as Gideon kom Nokru while she waited to meet with Chancellor Marcus Kane. He agreed to a probationary citizenship.




This woman stands at a tall five feet and seven inches. There is no doubt that she sticks to a regiment meant to maintain hard, lean muscle. Her skin is lightly tanned and scarred beneath the smudges of dirt and ash. Her jawline is strong and stern, leading into high cheekbones and a low forehead accented by lightly arched brows and the smallest hint of a widow's peak. Her nose is long and narrow with a slightly knobbly point. Thick smears of coal-black ash has been smeared around her sharp moss green eyes in a warrior's fashion. Long, oiled curls are worn in either no-nonsense knots or loose at her shoulders; in the sun, her hair shines like golden wheat, and is often blackened with ash to minimize the contrast in the deep woods. For a Grounder, she is only moderately tattooed with whorls of black across the wings of her shoulders and up the back of her neck, only to disappear into her hair. Her left arm is also tattooed in a variety of circles and sweeping lines.


  • Battery Hunter
  • Grounder Techno Geek
  • Natural Curiosity
  • Storyteller
  • Strange Taste in Music
  • Child of the Ground

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