Grant Merriweather (deceased)
Jesse Spencer
Jesse Spencer as Grant Anthony Merriweather
Full Name: Grant Anthony Merriweather
Age: 23
Clan: Maunon
Faction: Mountain Men
Title/Profession: Clinical Lab Technician
Partner(s): James Emerson (deceased) Height: 5'10"
Father: Jackson Drew Merriweather Weight: 169 lbs
Mother: Beatrice Lacey-Merriweather Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Siblings: 2 brothers (open for app) Eye Color: Blue
Children: N/A


Grant Anthony Merriweather was born in box, otherwise known as Mount Weather. He was groomed from practically birth to follow in his father's footsteps as clinical lab technician. From his mother, he received the gift of music, specifically the violin. He picked one up at the age of five and mastered it at eight. A music prodigy, he would be able to play other instruments with ease, but he always goes back to the violin. While his mother would have loved to see him teach, Grant needed to contribute in a more meaningful way, in the lab where he could potentially help save lives. He also picked up his father's passion for German Ju-Jutsu, which has an active club under the mountain.

He grew up around Truman and Carlos. Its natural their paths passed, especially when he was dating James Emerson, a fellow security guard who died in the line of duty when his hazmat suit was compromised by an Outsider and he died of radiation sickness. It's the most frustrating experience to have all the technology at your fingertips but not the means of saving the one person that matters the world to you. While he might have sympathized on Truman's thoughts to treat the prisoners more humanely, losing James burned the sympathy from him. He withdrew, became more difficult for his friends to read, even though they could coax him for an occasional game of poker, shoot some pool or to pick up his violin to play. Inside he was raging, Outsiders are dangerous, crude and deadly. The only thing standing between his people and death is their technology.

The arrival of the Arkers has brought many emotions to Grant. Hope that these folks can be asked to donate or worst cased force and they can do away with the Outsiders. Once they won't need the Outsiders anymore, they can finally erase them from the planet. He also sympathizes with the trauma the Arkers received at the hands of the Outsiders. He will do his best to make them more comfortable.



About average, this twenty something man has no issues looking most eye to eye. His dirty blonde hair is wavy and falls forward when he moves or bends. His deep blue eyes hold shadows but do gleam with humor on occasion. His pale skin is healthy but has never seen sunlight. His proud nose sits over his smiling lips and strong chin. His body is in shape and it's clear the man takes care of his body. Strong shoulders move to lean muscled arms and abs that are tight against the shirt wears. His hands are well-manicured. His hips are narrow and has enough of a bottom to decently pull off a pair of jeans.

Today he's wearing a white lab coat over a black button down shirt with a grey tie. Black slacks are held by a black leather, narrow belt. On his feet are black Oxfords that are shined meticulously.


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Salvador Dr. S. C. Montgomery : My boss, my mentor, my friend. I will move heaven and earth to see your vision accomplished.
Sarah Dr. S. D. Kirschenfeld : My therapist…my lifeline to sanity. I am trying to move on.
Scarlett Scarlett Rolph : I missed our dinners. It just seems so empty without James there at the table.

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