Hal kom Trikru
Kit Harington
Kit Harington as Hal kom Trikru
Full Name: Hal kom Trikru
Age: 22
Clan: Trikru
Faction: Warriors
Title/Profession: {$title}
Partner(s): N/A Height: 5'8"
Father: Ingo kom Trikru Weight: Muscular
Mother: Eva kom Trikru Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Two brothers and a sister Eye Color: Brown
Children: N/A


One of the great injustices of Hal kom Trikru's life is that he wasn't born just a few years earlier. Then, he would have been a blooded warrior at the time of war instead of a Second.

He was a born soldier, and always knew what he wanted to be. Both his parents fought in the Ice Wars. He was holding a wooden sword almost as soon as he could stand.
Children often have dreams at that age, and fate isn't always kind enough to bless those children with talents in their chosen field. Not so for Hal. He was a natural fighter. That, plus effort focused on combat from a very young age meant that he was always one step ahead of most of the kids his age.

The serious, razor-focus didn't really endear him to many people. He never seemed to have much fun. He was so determined to be the absolute best soldier he could ever be that he never really gave himself time to relax, to find joy. That's not to say that he was dour and grim all the time, but he was serious far more often than he was in any other state. He was mature for his age, to an almost unnerving amount.

When Hal was first taken as the Second to Hura kom Trikru, Hal was overjoyed. He had grown up hearing tales of her exploits from his father who had served under her. The elder warrior was still fierce and had much to teach her Second, but mentoring to an older warrior had its drawbacks. When the Second Ice War broke out, when other warriors and their seconds were heading into battle, he stayed back. Hura was a tactical advisor to Indra, so much of what he learned about was troop movements and tactics. All of that was valuable, but the young warrior was very eager to blood. He convinced his mentor to head to the front lines.

Hal fought bravely and fiercly and cut down his share of Azgeda. Hura did not fare as well. The elder warrior should not have been in the field. She was felled by a mountain of a warrior, but not before she took three of his fingers and maimed his left leg. Hura was mourned by all who knew her. Because Hal lusted for blood and was eager for the front lines, Trikru lost a brilliant military leader.

Because he was so close to coming of age as a warrior, and because he had proven himself on the battlefield, it was decided that he would be named a full warrior rather than spend a few more months Seconding with someone else. No one really knew how much he had to work to convince Hura to take up her sword. The spectre of his mentor's death hung over the young man, and he sat out the last months of the war on sentry and patrol duty in Tondc. It was his own penance for his part in Hura's death. He could have earned a few more kill marks and truly solidified his status as a powerful warrior, but he decided to humble himself.

By the time he was preparing to take to the field again, the war ended and Azgeda joined the coalition. He remained in Tondc in the years after the war, and began to drill the youth of the city in swordplay and tactics. He turned out to be a very capable teacher.

The arrival of Skaikru set everyone on-edge. Hal stayed in Tondc until Indra sent him to Camp Jaha as part of the contingent keeping an eye on things.




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