Hanne Keats (deceased)
Maisie Williams
Maisie Williams as Hanne Halle Keats
Full Name: Hanne Halle Keats
Age: 18 Years Old
Clan: Delinquents
Faction: The Sky People
Title/Profession: Earth Studies Nerd; The 100
Partner(s): None Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
Father: Martin Keats Weight: 132 pounds
Mother: Hannah Keats Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: None Eye Color: Hazel
Children: None


Before Landing


Hanne Halle Keats was born into the lower levels of the Ark as the daughter of a zero-g mechanic and a greenskeeper of the farm station. She had a moderately happy, if not terribly simple childhood. Her mother worked long hours maintaining the Ark's infrastructure while her father tended what little plant-life remainded. Her life was divided between these two worlds — the mechanical and the green. It was the latter that introduced Hanne to the Church of the Eden Tree — a small congregation of believers that the Earth was a heaven, and dead loved ones went to the ground.

Hanne began to learn under her father, cultivating medicinal herbs for the medical station and learning of its uses. She proved to be an adept student, eager to learn. She attracted the attention of the medical station at the age of twelve, and started an internship soon after. While she was on track to becoming a doctor, she would not end up reaching such a lofty goal before her entire life changed.

When Hanne was fifteen, she found out that her best friend's father was dying. With medical supplies rationed, there was nothing else that the med station could do for him. This ate away at Hanne — why were lives so trivial when there were so few of them left? She spent several sleepless nights, weighing her choices. After a careful plan started to form in her mind, there was nothing else that could be done.

During the third shift in the med station, when the crews were smaller and the station less frequented, Hanne stole into the supply room and stole morphine so that her friend's father could die without pain. She had almost made it out and back to her family's living apartment, but was then caught by a guard. She was nervous and obviously guilty of something, and it didn't take the guard long to find the medical supplies hidden in her pocket.

She was immediately arrested and brought before the juvenile tribunal. Despite her pleas and testimonial, she was sentenced to the prison station until her retrial on her eighteenth birthday.

Hanne has been in the prison station for the last three years. She had expected to be brought before the council months ago, but her retrial was pushed off so many times over, that Hanne began to think they were taunting her. When she was finally retrieved from her cell, she was shocked to see that she was not the only one being taken away. Instead of being brought before the council, she joined ninety-nine others aboard a dropship.

They were going to the ground.



This Arker stands at a slender hand over five feet. There is evidence that she had once been a rather chubby child, but adolescence and the rationed diet of the prison station has left her a slim. A lack of consistent sunshine has left her skin pale and ripe for the full-blown sunshine of the ground; it is scarce in freckles and beauty marks, though her left wrist bares a rough, vinelike tattoo of light green. Her face is a pear-shaped with a narrow chin and jaw spreading out into a wide, tall forehead. Her nose is compact and narrow, ending in a boxy point. Her gaze is a hazel brown — the same color of dying leaves. The color plays well with the brown and gold of her long, unkept mane of hair.


  • Academic — Hanne grew up in a house full of academics, as her parents were scientists and engineers. She is very academic minded.
  • Science: Botany — Hanne has studied small plant botany, particularly medicinal plants.
  • Believer of Eden — Hanne is a follower of the Ark unitarian religion of Eden.
  • No Left Pinky — She lost her left pinky when her hand was heavily injured by a Grounder attack.
  • Green Thumb — Hanne is very good at growing things in most any strata.
  • Sense of Direction — Despite having no real experience with direction, Hanna is very good at finding compass directions without a compass.

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