Hector Valentine
Diego Luna
Diego Luna as Hector Valentine
Full Name: Hector Valentine
Age: 29
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Arkers
Title/Profession: Engineer
Partner(s): N/A Height: 5'10"
Father: Rico Valentine (D) Weight: Fit
Mother: Ellaria Valentine (D) Hair Color: Black
Siblings: N/A Eye Color: Brown
Children: N/A


Some things survive the end of the world. Prostitution, drugs…the black market. Hector's family tried to stay away from the first two, but the third?

The Valentine family empire started with the first Quartermaster after unification. Hector's great-grandfather, Desi Valentine tried to run the distribution of resources fairly and equitably. He soon found himself with more power than he wanted or knew what to do with. Desi was an extremely intelligent man who had been a statistician before the end of the world. He did the math. He determined that a black market was necessary for the stability of the Ark. He volunteered to set one up, to run it, and, to be accountable to the Council.

No one but the Councilmembers over the years knew that the Valentine black market was sanctioned. There were other smaller black markets, of course - ones that did deal in drugs and prostitution, but the Valentine market tried to stay above all that and enjoyed protections and freedoms not given to any other market. As the generations passed, it became a family business.

Before Arkfall, the head of the Valentine family was Ellaria Valentine (or Elle V, as most knew her.) Hector's mother was a formidable woman who did not like showing deference to the Council. For the most part, if Elle V's people were smart, they avoided prosecution. She also had a habit of employing teenagers and then arranging for their pardon after some time in the Skybox.

Elle V started pushing her power, started expanding - and, most heinously, started whetting her beak in the world of recreational substances. The Council decided she needed reining in, so they caught Hector one day on his usual rounds to pick up payment. At seventeen, he was thrown into the Skybox.

The Skybox was not a particularly pleasant place to be for the son of a gangster. He sweated things out until his 18th birthday. Would they actually float the son of the black market maven? It was a question that weighed heavy on his mind. In the end, he was pardoned. Some of the fire went out of his mother after that. She had been soundly put in her place.

Hector had always been conflicted about his family's business. Officially, he worked in the reclamation centre on Factory Station. Officially, his mother was the Factory Station representative the supervisor for air quality. Other lieutenants of tha Valentine family worked in similar roles where it was easy for nearly anyone to find an excuse to approach them.

As he aged, Hector began to take on a more active role. He was promoted to shop foreman of the reclamation centre, which gave him more time to broker deals. If someone didn't pay up on time, he was the first face people saw. He was firm, but friendly. Any threats came when he passed the debt down the line to the thugs in his family's employ. He rarely saw the results of his actions. As such, he could delude himself into thinking his hands were cleaner than they were.

Hector wanted for nothing. He could easily get his hands on contraband, on better food, on medicine. It had been that way his entire life. It was only when he made friends with Lionel Weeks that he realized how the other half lived. It began to gnaw at him. Hector had never chosen this life - he had been born into it. He would be foolish to give it up, but he began to feel conflicted about it in a way he never had before.

When The 100 were sent to the surface, Elle V's keen instincts sensed something was up. She pulled in every last favour she had ever gathered to discover that the Ark was in real trouble. She began working on what she called 'the Valentine Exodus Charter' for what to do if they ended up on the ground a generation ahead of schedule.
Then, everything went to hell. The notorious Elle V was killed during the rebellion, leaving Hector the de-facto head of the Valentine family. When evacuation was ordered, Hector followed his mother's charter. While others were gathering up things needed for survival on Earth or personally significant items, the Valentine crew were loading themselves with contraband and useful equipment. Needles, thread, antibiotics, liquor, small tools, bandages, batteries - anything that could be in short supply when they hit the ground.

After the Ark fell, Hector found that only ten of his crew had survived. Still, that was enough to start rebuilding the Valentine black market on the ground - or at least ensure the Valentines remained a power to be reckoned with. But Hector began to question whether that was actually what he wanted. The ground, with all its dangers, represented new possibilities. He had the potential to be free of his family legacy, but moving past that might not be so easy.




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Lionel Lionel Weeks : Bodyguard? Hector has known Lionel since the guard was assigned to protect his ass four years ago. They've developed a friendship based primarily on their respective utility to one another.
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