Henry Hubbard
Adam Hicks
Adam Hicks as Henry James Hubbard
Full Name: Henry James Hubbard
Age: 18
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: D4
Partner(s): Unmarried Height: 6'0"
Father: Garrett Hubbard Weight: 175
Mother: Elyse Hubbard Hair Color: Red
Siblings: None Eye Color: Dark Blue
Children: None


Henry James Hubbard, know to acquaintances as 'Hal', was born and raised on Agro/Farm Station, the son of farmers. His early life was a happy one, centered largely around music, for the Hubbards had a prized possession, passed down from father to son: a guitar. Even before his hands and arms were large enough to properly handle the instrument, Hal was learning to play it. One day, when he told his father how happy playing made him, Hal's dad replied: "A man isn't happy unless his story is being told. And music is the best way I know to tell a story."

When Hal was 12, his father disappeared. Went off to check the hydroponics and never came back. Eventually, Hal and his mother went looking for answers, and found neither. The Guard instigated a search, but no sign of Garrett Hubbard was found. Angry and unsatisfied, Hal became increasingly convinced that his father had been killed or abducted by the Council, in spite of any evidence to the contrary. Shortly after his 13th birthday, he decided to pay them back. He tried to make a crude bomb out of chemical fertilizer he pilfered from a storage area, and while the bomb mostly fizzled, he still managed to do some damage to The Ark's soy crop. The Guard found him near the incinerated plants, playing the family guitar. He was boxed.

In the Box, Hal turned to physical activity for solace. Engaging his body as much as he possibly could became the only viable substitute for the guitar that he could no longer play. He spent his time exercising to the point of exhaustion, picking fist fights, and pushing buttons. Getting a reaction, either from himself, or those around him, as become his life raft. It is the only way he feels like he has agency. And at night, no matter how exhausted, he has fallen asleep with his fingers moving and twitching, forcing himself to remember the feeling of those strings, the shape of those chords.

Like the rest of The 100, Hal received intensive Earth Studies training in the weeks leading up to the drop. Unlike some, who were horrified to learn of their ultimate destination, Hal secretly harbors a hope that his father is on Earth, sent on another such mission. He is firmly of the believe that he owes nothing to The Ark or its council, and the only crack in his armor of antipathy is that he hopes to be reunited with this mother someday. He views his new-found freedom as a chance to grab as big a slice of the pie as he can, and hopefully create a position of power for himself that will allow him to call the shots if and when the Ark makes contact.

Finding a guitar would be nice, too.



Unruly and fiery red hair is the most immediately apparent feature of this young man. Cut raggedly to keep it from his small eyes and broad shoulders, it is in a perpetual state of disarray. His nose is slightly pert and upturned and gives him a boyishness that he otherwise fails to exude. His chin is strong, his mouth thin-lipped and un-expressive.

He wears a simple navy-blue v-neck t-shirt, its material stretched firmly over his well-muscled torso. It is only partially tucked in at the waist, half-disappearing into a pair of sturdy canvas work pants, patched at the knees. A brown leather belt helps keep the pants up, and a matching pair of boots, scarred and scuffed, encase his feet.


  • Agriculture - Henry's limited understanding of the sciences and mechanics largely have to do with his background as the son of farmers on the Agro Station.
  • Guitarist - Henry's family had an old guitar from Earth. It was taken from him when he was put in the 'Box. He hasn't been happy since.
  • Instigator - Henry likes causing trouble, and earning reactions from people. Even if those reactions aren't the best.
  • Hedonist - Henry got thrown into the Box at 13 years old. He's been denied so many simple physical pleasures that he's now obsessed with getting them where he can.

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