Jason Antonis
Sakis Arseniou
Sakis Arseniou as Jason Antonis
Full Name: Jason Antonis
Age: 18
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquent
Title/Profession: Mechanical Tech/Sculptor
Partner(s): {$spouse} Height: {$height}
Father: {$father} Weight: {$weight}
Mother: {$mother} Hair Color: brown
Siblings: {$siblings} Eye Color: brown
Children: {$children}


Jason was a mechanical tech who did occasional basic electrical work, but then he was boxed for murdering his supervisor. They say he split the man's skull with a wrench.

Upon arriving to the Box, he was so disruptive that he was placed in solitary confinement after several incidents involving attempts to incite riot and revolution, disobedience towards guards, and even physical resistance toward them.

Since his confinement, some people find that he's changed. He's quieter. Maybe he's less volatile, though none of his school mates or neighbors recall him being noticeably violent as a child. But he hung back markedly after landing. It took him about ten days to start talking to people.

Now he's made it known that he considers himself an artist, and he appears to have some grandiose ideas about influencing society by means of art.



Jason is just a bit over average height, and has the solid build of someone who has probably done labor that involved lifting heavy objects. He's built up a bit more through his chest and arms than his legs, but his musculature is certainly that of someone who gained it through work, not targeted exercise for aesthetic purposes. He's olive-skinned, with dark hair that he wears relatively short, and deep, dark eyes set under serious brows. It's hard to tell what exact ethnic mixture he might be. He's heavy-jawed, and his hands are calloused, marked here and there by bruises or scars that labor with tools and materials will bring about. He wears drab, standard-issue clothes.


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