Juditha Mandelstam
Vittoria Ceretti
Vittoria Ceretti as Juditha Mandelstam
Full Name: Juditha Mandelstam
Age: 17
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Second Child
Partner(s): None Height: 158 cm
Father: Landon Akerman (Not known ICly) Weight: 47 kg
Mother: Rachel Mandelstam Hair Color: Dark black
Siblings: Jerrick Mandelstam Eye Color: Light gray
Children: None


Rachel Mandelstam was a simple nurse/helper in the Medical Center and Daniel Mandelstam was a simple guardsman. They both had a son Jerrick, who later showed talent as Electronics Tech. There is still danger, even if the life in the Arc is guided by the Law. So, during one of the encounters with a random criminal, Daniel Mandelstam was injured. Atfer one week of struggle for his life in the Medical Center, the man died.

Rachel was a young and beautiful woman and it was too hard for her to live in this dark Arc all alone, dealing with all the pain and depression she saw in the Medical Center during some days, and a young growing son, and grieve for the loss of her beloved husband. So, it was one of those days, when she needed comfort. She was found crying by Landon Akerman, one of the Electronics Techs. The pair indulged into a long conversation and he lead her back into her room later.

It could look like one of the casual days of Rachel to the most, because she was crying a lot since the death of her husband and more than one person led her back into her chamber to calm down there. However, that time… that time was different to Rachel. She found not just comfort in the arms of Landon, but also struggled a sudden heat of passion.

It was the only time and never grew up into stronger feelings. Rachel and Landon used to pass in the halls, but just greeted each other casually. That's all. However, their adventure ended up in a secret birth of Juditha Mandelstam. Rachel helped a lot in the Medical Center and she had quite a good friend there, who helped hiding the growing belly and who helped to deal with a birth when the time came.

Jerrick was but 6 years old child by then and suddenly all mommy's attention went to that disgusting baby girl! He was envious child, who did not understood well the consequences of some words. So, he grunted there and there to some people how his mother does not have time to him anymore, because she has a new pet. It drew curiosity of the responsible parties and a second birth of a child was found out.

The child was given away and Rachel had to face her destiny. She did not betray the name of a father. Landon understood well that Juditha was his daughter, but the man did not say a word. He knew he wouldn't be helpful dead. So, instead, he became Jerrick's tutor once Jerrick turned the right age and prepared the boy for Electronic Tech's career.

Juditha had to grow up as a prisoner. So, there is no fun stories to tell about her life. Being a long term resident she learned a lot of the Delinquents. She enjoyed the moments when she was released from the cell to interact with others and learn some new things. She really enjoyed mechanics and electronics, especially when she got a chance to learn something new from Landon. She really liked him and his humor. Of course, she never learned he was her father.

She met her half-brother, of course. Though, he just expressed his anger toward her, because the young man blamed Juditha for the death of his mother, but deep down Juditha understood that Jerrick was mad on himself more than on her, because he was the one who betrayed Rachel. Yes, she definitely heard that story and how she ended up in a cell, and what destiny waited for her. She was not an optimist.

Maybe that is why she became stubborn and reckless, because one way or the other she believed that she will be dead once turned 16-18 years old. She didn't have what to lose, so she was free to express her opinion and do whatever she wanted and whatever she was able to being framed in all that prisoner's lifestyle.

So, ending up on Earth was something unexpected and pleasant. Juditha wants to use her freedom to reach something more and most importantly - survive, because for the first time in her life she actually believes that something more than death waits for her in the future.



Fair-skinned with a faint hint of a few freckles across the nose, this young woman has light gray eyes, dark black hair and matching eyebrows. She has a narrow face with an angular, almost tapered chin, her lips aren’t too plump nor thin. She has a smooth, rounded nose and is overall very skinny. Her hair is cut into a stringy bob which descends to her jawline.

She is wearing very simple and functional clothing. Black jeans with the holes in the knees, black boots with thick soles, a simply black T-shirt and a thick black coat that comes down to the base of her butt with to-long sleeves which largely covers her hands, aside from perhaps her fingertips.


  • Ambidextrous
  • Light Sleeper
  • Long Term Resident
  • Reckless
  • Stubborn

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