Katy Ivanovich
Kate Lambert Kato (Steampunk Model)
Kate Lambert Kato (Steampunk Model) as Katyenka Ivanovich
Full Name: Katyenka Ivanovich
Age: 21
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Citizen
Title/Profession: Weapon Smith
Partner(s): None Height: 5'6"
Father: Who cares? Weight: 118 lbs
Mother: Probably dead. Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Siblings: Dad's not that exciting Eye Color: Blue
Children: I'm not that stupid.


Katy was born 21 years ago as Katyenka Ivanovich. Her parents were laborers, folks who just worked doing whatever basic physical labor task was needed. Cleaning, moving objects, construction, they learned a lot of different skills but only at basic levels, just enough to get a job but not enough to have any prospects. She can't be sure, but Katy believed her first word was 'Dead beat'. They'd never make it, she always thought, but they kept persevering through life they even seemed a bit happy with their lives. 1 child, a smart one too, but no ability to move up in the list of important people.

That always made her upset. Since her parents weren't successful she had to start off unsuccessful and from a very early age she learned that no matter what the law knows about you it can do something if it can prove it. Even if the consequences were heavy in space, because it seemed like you'd get spaced for almost anything, that also meant the rewards were greater.

Katy got a position with various groups inside of the Ark, she worked on machines for manufacturing, worked in labs to build medicines and other substances and also showed great signs of being a worthwhile smith. Just like her parents she seemed to float around from job to job and people began to got to know her but once she was a bit older, out of apprenticeships and out of control from her parents, she moved onto her best skill of all Thieving.

Yes, Katy is a gifted thief. It didn't matter if it was picking pockets, locks, moving contraband from one location in the Ark to another, she had a skill. It seemed like she could disappear around a corner, just to crop up somewhere else. It helped her often get what she wanted instead of what she was rationed. And her two choices were always sweet foods and clothing. She spent a great deal of her time getting what people wanted, so she might get a tiny apple pie, candies, cake, anything that had a high quantity of sweet. Such a thing was a luxury, a luxury that proved to her that she had made it, and she never ever shared her rewards.

Even when her mom was sick, she didn't steal the drugs she'd need. Her dad, when he needed an extra hand for some work he had taken on but couldn't complete alone, he asked his daughter first, but why would she do extra work? Cause her father asked? No, the day she turned into an adult she stopped speaking with them, spent only a minimal time around them, and often to get a little extra food from them or swipe from them things other people wanted. Her own family wasn't a concern, only her moving up in importance in control, in power.

Multiple times between her adult life and getting to the ground she would be brought in for questioning by security. Of course they never had any proof, but they knew she was a source of illegal drugs, weapons, and other contraband but they couldn't prove it. She could lie, just well enough to lead the guards on chases that might of eventually gotten back to her if it weren't for that fateful day, the plummet to the earth.

Katy avoided the lines, she didn't want to get separated up randomly. She knew the situation. People of importance were going to be kept in the safest section of the Ark when it dropped. Instead of going to her assigned location she swapped with someone, convinced them that she had a pretty good ticket but didn't think anyone was going to make it. Even got them to get her some pretty basic rock candy to trade for the 'better' location. And it was a good thing too, her original ride down didn't end up making it but she did.

On the ground she's gone back to her normal tactics. Work the system, and with Firearms and Ammunition being limited she's primarily working on those, smithing basic weapons, keeping the machines working. Whatever she's got to do to be a member of the society but as things start to settle into habit, she's settling back into a life of trade, theft and illegal manufacturing of various weapons as well as drugs. All over again. The ground isn't so bad, there's even a whole group of people who can benefit from these same sort of things and if given the opportunity she knows she'll be able to become very important in the lives of certain Grounders just like she remains important in various Arker lives.%r%rEven now on the ground her afflictions continue to give her pause. Everyone is dirty, and their clothing is falling apart or is very limited. Katy still seeks out clothing, she even scavenged the first few days on the ground to get a brush, to fix her hair, then clothing that people had, traded for whatever she could, stole whatever she couldn't. Stole to trade to a tailor she found, and will continue to keep herself away from looking like someone just 'surviving'. She's no survivor, not in that rough and dirty way. She is seeking a good, easy life of luxury, even here on the ground, and she'll do whatever it takes to get herself there.



Pale skin and hair that almost matches by being a very light blonde to the point of looking white in almost any light and long enough to reach her mid back if left straight. Being small shouldered and long limbed makes her look rather thin despite any curvy nature of her body otherwise. A thin waist helps to alter the stick figure look even though she doesn't show many signs of muscle mass anywhere on her body. Blue eyes are masked by a thick and noticeable amount of eyeliner and her lips have a slightly dark lip gloss on them to make them shiny and stand out against her skin.

Her hair is currently in two ponytails that are kept at bay from her face by a pair of welding goggles that could also work as a stylized pair of sunglasses, but are right now being used as a hairband instead. Her top is simple, just a grey single-tone t-shirt that is pulled tight against her body by a shoulder holster system that has no gun in it and has been converted more to a pouch. In addition, it continues to wrap a strap about her left arm that has a few spaces for tools that are often always present unless being used for cleaning a firearm. Another strap about her waist acts as a belt, and along her backside has larger tools that are more mechanic based, and continues to strap around her right thigh that has a large pouch on it of which the contents are kept from view. Thick tights, which upon close inspection feel more like canvas than tights, are on her legs but have been made from black and white vertical stripes offering her some contrasting colors in her fashion. On her feet are a pair of shin high boots made of black leather that have fur around the edges and inside to keep out the weather.


Can't be Unkempt: Even on the Ark, Katy risked being caught stealing supplies and using equipment to make or trade for beauty supplies. Brushes, make up, even getting her clothing washed a few extra times than she should of been allowed. Before appearing in front of people, she fixes herself up, and will go to great lengths to maintain her appearance.
Craft: Smithing: Amongst peers of her own age, she is quite the smith. Primarily she works on guns, but those are just a few of her favorite things.
Extremely Selfish: What's in it for Katy? Does it risk her life? Katy thinks of Katy first. There is no one, nor any thing, that is rated higher in her world than her own person. This can be used against her with some of her other quirks, to get her to do things for her own selfish benefit, but it also keeps her safe in a dangerous world even at the expense of others… no matter how many others.
Fashionista: Looking good and more importantly being concerned about the quality and unique designs of her clothing and outfits, even the way she holds her tools, or how her tools look… all of it she takes into consideration when others are worried about scavenging for food and other survival.
Science: Chemistry: A beyond undergrad level chemist. Most of her knowledge comes from working with the labs to make low grade medicines or ammunition.
Sweet Tooth: Not just candy. Anything sweet. Fruits, cakes, pies, syrup, and anything else that can be sugary in flavor is a weakness of Katy and one of the few things she'll trade for and often lose on the trade in real worth. A cookie, for her, might get her to trade or do something worth far more than a single cookie, but it's a weakness that she has little ability to defend against. Sweet foods represent the life of luxury.

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Katy I love myself too much : Find me some sweets, we can see if I lose my love affair with myself.

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