Khesu kom Trikru
Abbas Jafri
Abbas Jafri as Khesu kom Trikru
Full Name: Khesu kom Trikru
Age: 31
Clan: Trikru
Faction: Warrior
Title/Profession: Fighter & Scout
Partner(s): Lila (presumed deceased) Height: 6'3"
Father: Erikk kom Trikru Weight: 210
Mother: Sonja kom Trikru Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Aine kom Trikru Eye Color: Dark brown or black
Children: None known


Born in Coesbur, Kehsu's elder sister Aine is the mother of Gedion and Benning, whom are Khesu's neices. As a youth he was eager to learn the warrior ways and to be trained as a fighter like his father before him. Thus he was fostered in Trondc for training. Unlike some fighters, his talent lay more in his agility than in brute strength. He took part in the Second Ice War, earning himself half a score of kill marks, and a couple more since then for slaying Reapers. He is also passable with the use of a bow.

To his clan, Khesu is a dependable hunter who provides meat, skins for leather, and furs to his people. He is known as a quiet, steady man who's word is solid. A fighter for his clan, he also sometimes acts as scout and tracker. Drawing and the application of body paint abide Khesu for his creative outlet.

Three years ago, Khesu took a houmon. Lila was a feisty and beautiful woman a few years younger than himself. She was a healer by training who was a midwife and a teacher of the clan's children to read. She was due to deliver Khesu a child by spring. Instead, in early winter she went missing. Khesu has sought any sign or word of Lila these past 6 months and more. He searched the woodlands, and even the snowy mountains. Did the Mountain Men take her? Or the Reapers? Another clan? Khesu has found no trace and grieves for her loss as well as for their unborn child.

His houmon presumed dead, Khesu has been in mourning. Recently he took to the north for to search for rare herbs for his sister's husband's healing arts. Now he returns to his people, lured back by strange and worrisome rumors among the clans. Strangers in the land, stars that fall from the sky, and rumors of Reapers and sickness. Coesbur destroyed!


Standing around 6'3" this man is well fit and dusky of skin tone. Dark brown or black hair is long but often tied back from his face when he fights or has work to do, or when the weather is hot. A thick full beard covers his lower face, sometimes braided. High cheekbones are matched with a broad jaw and very dark, watchful eyes. Long fingered hands are calloused from labor, yet he moves with quiet strength and agility. If he speaks, his baritone is low.

Khesu wears a well made pair of dark brown oiled leather leggings with a large knife on his belt. Simple ornaments, carved bone, teeth, a small piece of hammered copper, are worn on thin leather cords over his chest layered so not to make noise when he moves. Cloth and leather are often worn as bracers over his forearms. A modest number of scars mar his body and over the backs of his shoulders are at least a dozen kill mark tattoos. With his torso bare in summer heat, soft brown boots shod his feet.


  • Honorable
  • Drawing
  • Clausterphobic (slightly)
  • Sometimes Scout


  • A little more than a dozen kill marks are tattooed as claw mark slashes over the backs of his shoulders. Most of them from the Second Ice War.


  • Various older scars to his torso, arms and legs from the Second Ice War.
  • Recent sword scars from fighting with Reapers in the Mountain tunnels. Head and chest.
  • Recent bullet wound scars to chest, neck and left side of his brow.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Pontus Pontus kom Trikru : Fellow veteran of the Second Ice War - only he got the raw end of that by far. Deals with it well, good man and a good friend. He and I think much alike. He is like a brother to me.
Starling Starling kom Trikru : Armor smith and clothier, she was Lila's closest friend. Strong willed when she wants to be but a bit too clingy for my taste. She has made me a good set of armor and has my thanks for it, and for what she is to Pontus.
Kai Kai kom Trikru : Strange, a Skaikru who prefers our ways and has left her own people to become Trikru. She is brave and honorable, though she could be a little less reckless. Youth. If she lives she will make a fine Warrior.
Britt Britt kom Trikru : A capable, rational warrior and a woman whom I respect. I trust her for she has good sense.
Galle Galle kom Trikru : She is both a very good healer and a hell of a good looking woman. Despite her sharp tongue, I admire her skill and her wit.
Luther Luther kom Trikru : A solid warrior. He did well in the Mountain assault, though perhaps he talks a lot at times.
Sage Sage kom Trikru : She was among the Trikru prisoners within the Mountain. I remember how she helped free from the tree that had fallen and pinned me back in the spring when I sought for my missing Houmon. Turns out she'd found Lila and sent my son to Tondc.

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