Kiera kom Trikru
Ellen Hollman
Ellen Hollman as Kiera kom Trikru
Full Name: Kiera kom Trikru
Age: 28
Clan: Trikru
Faction: Warriors
Title/Profession: Scout
Partner(s): None Height: 5'7
Father: Debatable Weight: 115
Mother: Saxa Hair Color: Dark Blond
Siblings: 0 Eye Color: Blue
Children: 0


Born during the first war with the Ice Nation, Saxa a warrior-scout of Coesbur, returned home from battle to bare her. Saxa remained a year to nurse her daughter, then returned to the war, leaving Kiera with Saxa's young sister, Vickeena. Saxa's return to the front was noted among her comrades for both her bravery (sometimes deemed unhealthy fearlessness) and her savagery which more than matched the northern invaders.

When the war ended, it was yet six months more before Saxa returned to claim her daughter. By the time the war ended and Saxa returned, Kiera was three. Despite Saxa's claims to the contrary, rumors persisted questioned Keira's father. Saxa chose to move with the young Kiera around from the village to village on the outskirts of the Trikru lands. Told her father was a Trikru warrior, kill by the Ice Nation, Kiera was trained by her mother to hate the Ice Nation and to be a warrior-scout and hunter.

By the time they returned to the village of Coesbur to settle, Kiera was in her early teens. Saxa moved Vickeena and her husband, Derro, who had become a village hunter. In Kiera's isolated youth, Saxa to trained her for the next Ice Nation betrayal. Rumors were long lived, but Kiera's growing skills and Saxa's own volitile nature kept them softer spoken.

Saxa became a highly skiled hunter and warrior trainer, as well as an often drunk and doomsayer of the Ice Nation. Saxa's hatred for the Northerners turned prophetic, when the second war started, Saxa quickly returned to battle, taking Kiera as her second and joined the combat. Kiera fought with raider and scout groups, often lead by her mother. Unfortunately, Saxa was brutally wounded in the leg during a raid into the northrn lands.

Kiera took over from her mother, while Saxa was returned to Coesbar. The warband performed successfully, bravely, if savagel and brutally. As her mother, Saxa had following the first Ice Nation war, Kiera stood down and served watching the line once Commander Lexa ordered it for over a year. After being relieved, Keira returned to Coesbar, moving into a home that had belonged to one of the fallen in the war.



At around five seven, this woman has has a primal way aura to her. Sandy blonde hair falls past her shoulders, usually with a wild look to it. The blue eyes have a fierce predatory wildness that might bring to mind a wolf. With high cheek bones to set off her pronounced features of a strong, yet feminine face. A slender neck, and from there down, she is toned. Strong shoulders and arms, tight muscles and little body fat is emphasized by a tendency to lean forward into things. The athletic slender build is evidenced in the core, visible 'six pack.' Her legs have a runner's build, and she rarely walks in a straight line, weaving or circling inward as she approaches, unless she is running, then it is straight often, light stepped and quick. The movements are always quiet, making her often just appear in a place, first noted at the corner of eyes.

Kiera's clothing is swaths of fabric in earth tones mixed with hides and leathers, formed into a vest that leaves her arms bare to the metal bracers and tucking into skirting at her hips. A metal studded leather strap wraps her head, visible at her forehead and wrapped under her hair to keep it from her eyes. A low riding skirt in the same style as the top falls to just past mid-thigh on powerful legs, from there extend tight dark leather pants. Her feet and calves up to the knees are covered in wrapped a woven dark leather strap formed material boots that are worn and snug. Over this she wears a long coat, normally open, made of fur pelts from wolves, bobcats, and coyotes.

All that said though, she does accessorize, if it is in violence and trophies. A sword is worn over her back, a nasty black metal hanging sling fashion. Metal bracers cover her fore arms, with daggers sheathed to the inside. Like dirk handles peek to the outside of her boots, twin hatchets dangle at her hips. Dark raptor talon earrings dangle from her ears. A necklaces of fangs and claws hangs low in front of her.


Hedonist - Kiera likes her pleasures, fine food, baths, massages, steams, drink, and rumor has it other things.

Veteran - Kiera was in the last war with the Ice Kingdom as scout and raider.

Proud - Kiera is proud the point of boasting. She does not take well to having her honor or liniage questiond. Kiera definately is not the type for "Yo Mama" jokes.

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