Lark Wood
Aya Ueto
Aya Ueto as Lark Wood
Full Name: Lark Wood
Age: 18
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Ex-Repair Tech Apprentice/Saboteur
Partner(s): None Height: 5'3"
Father: Jonathan Wood (of the Guard) Weight: Average
Mother: Lydia Wood (of the Maintenance Crew) Hair Color: Black
Siblings: One stillborn elder sister Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


Those who knew Lark as a kid might remember her as a happy, sociable sort of one. Fond of following her father around as he did his guard business, was so into sports she often tried to play a version of soccer through the halls alongside her friends, drawing much ire from the adults that caught them. She had to give up such things as she grew older.

For some reason, though, she ended up apprenticed to her mother, who worked maintenance.

This worked reasonably well until she pumped hydrogen sulfide (relax, just enough to make the place stink) into Go-Sci, causing a panic and evacuation. The whole deck had to be shut down for a time until it could get scrubbed, and people freaked out. It was into the box when they found out who did it.

And then down to Earth. As far as how she's been since her time on ground, she's been in the background, keeping to herself. Letting all the power struggles and egos and teenage romance and drama play out, making contributions here and there, mostly of labor or watchperson duty.



Dark brown hair, styled in a no-nonsense pixie bob about her head, just the right amount of strands falling into her face. Bearing a slightly rounded face, with thick lips and a straight nose, her brown eyes bearing a steely sort of curiousity in them.

Her build is slender, which, combined with her relatively modest height of 5'3", looks more natural than gangly. Skin is pale of color, but relatively clear and free of blemish or other flaw in her complexion.

Wearing a coat much larger for her, no doubt scavenged off of one of the dead so far, said coat is a dark green in color. Gloves, fingerless and knuckleless, are on her hands, a black shirt worn beneath that. She wears a pair of dark blue cargo pants, tucked into military-esque boots.


Saboteur - Lark is most known for screwing up the air systems on an section of the Ark in a very creative fashion. No doubt she has a mind for further ways of… creatively damaging machinery.

Pragmatic - This has come to play more or more recently. Lark tends to favor actions that speak to increasing their chances of survival, rather than doing the subjectively 'right' thing. That isn't to say that she doesn't prefer things to be 'right' and still provide the best chances of survival, but if it came down to it…

Soccer Fan - Lark was really into this on the station, so much so that she oft got into mild trouble as a kid batting a ball around the halls of the station. And she knows most of the players names by heart. She hasn't spoken too much of it since hitting the ground, though.

Science Specialities: Physics with Material Composition - A good background in Physics is helpful when being a maintenance tech - but Lark always had an interest in the composition of materials. One of her side projects, before she got canned, was experimenting with ceramics. She didn't get too far past the 'playing around with it' phase before she was boxed, though.

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Lip Lip Wylde : Annoying. I get the sense that he likes it that way, however. Maybe it's more comfortable for him. Nonetheless, he is brave when he needs to be - and is inspiring when he speaks when he needs to. He's sure become different since hitting the mountain, though. Maybe the annoying bit was just a reaction to being caught in the wild? God only knows.

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