Layla Lee
Bae Suzy
Bae Suzy as Layla Lee
Full Name: Layla Lee
Age: 18
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Murder
Partner(s): None Height: 5'
Father: John Lee Weight: 103
Mother: Yuri Lee Hair Color: Black
Siblings: None Eye Color: Dark brown
Children: None


Layla was born to John and Yuri Lee, a couple that was largely indifferent to one another outside of their mutual ambitions. Her father, a political aid, was himself a very persuasive man, who endeared himself to those he served with guile and cunning. Yuri was a research scientist, whose main focus was biology, though she also dabbled in chemistry. Together they maintained a decent enough life, and if there wasn't love, then at least there was discipline for a growing child.

Layla would never be sure if she was drawn towards science and medicine, or if it was merely the more exciting alternative to following in her father's footsteps. Be that as it may, under a strict tutelage and drive to excel, Layla displayed an admirable aptitude for her chosen studies. If she didn't have the best social life, then it wasn't as if Layla was a friendless loner, either.

The crime was murder. One of her father's friends, another aide by the name of Janus. Layla was sixteen at the time of the deed, and she would have gotten away with it, too, except for the kid. A little girl, who was frightened, and didn't understand. She did only what could be expected - she cried for her mother.

It was the box for Layla, of course.

For all of that…for all of that, Layla is unrepentant of her crime. Given the chance, she'd do it again, but with greater attention to suffering. Janus deserved it.

If it weren't for that little mishap, Layla was going to become a medtech. She was good at it. She enjoyed it. Life might be different now, but no one can take her knowledge from her.



Layla is almost painfully petite. At five feet tall, she just barely weighs more than one hundred pounds. Her eyes are dark brown, made to appear even darker due to the inky hue of her hair. Though it is easy to say Layla is a pretty girl, her demeanor tends towards the severe. Cold, hard stares, and a reluctance to smile all fuel the rumors that the young woman really is just a heartless killer.

Her clothing is standard and practical, and though showing its age, Layla does her best to maintain a tidy appearance.


Chemistry - Blue skies for miss White.
Detached - Tends towards cool-headed withdrawal.
Haughty - Typically acts in a superior, condescending and arrogant manner.
Patient - Exhibits quiet, steady perseverance.

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Known Associates

Faolan The Denier, The Dense One, Grade A Jerk : We were friends before I was Boxed; had big plans for ourselves. He acts like he can't trust me anymore, but I know better, or thought I did. Apparently promises to me are 'stupid'. Well, he's…he's stupid! So there. If I had a door, I'd slam it.
Cole Sexual Non-Sexual Life Partner : Circle one? Whatever, you brush my hair, I'll brush yours.
Kai Too Legit : Here's a bitch you can rely on. I've got no problems ever having her back.
Elias Bold; brave : I saw what you did at Mags' execution, and I approve. Just sorry that you had to do it at all.
Cameron The Dreamer : The guy talks about noble goals, and ideas, but is also rooted in reality a bit more than some. All in all, I don't mind spending time talking to him.
Jason Aspiring Artist : Jason broke his leg during an unfortunate attempt to raid an old Wallyworld, or whatever, and though it clearly pains him, he doesn't let his injury drag him down as bad as it could. He won't end up a gimp under my care.
Mimi We Broke Data : Mimi, along with Jason, also ended up hurt in the cavernous Wallyworld, only it was her head that got busted. With a concussion, the once clinical Mimi is now…Something else. Her concern with my cup size is only slightly less alarming than her need to shout about it in front of every guy in camp.

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