Lip Wylde
Robert Sheehan
Robert Sheehan as Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr.
Full Name: Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr.
Age: 18
Clan: Skaikru / Misery, Inc.
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: The Voice of Treason
Partner(s): The Sound of His Own Voice Height: 6'0"
Father: Phillip Oscar Wylde, Sr. (d) Weight: 158 lbs
Mother: Candace "Candy" Wylde Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: Not That He Knows Of? Eye Color: Hazel
Children: Uh. No.

The Life & Times of Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr., Volume One


His Story In The Making

Phillip Oscar Wylde had always considered himself to be a man that could champion his own fate. Which could be the reason why he focused all of his mechanical know-how and creativity into trying to create and streamline the sanitation functions of the Ark. Sadly, he would never get the opportunity see his dreams come to fruition as an accident claimed his life. This left his wife, Candy, to raise their son all on her own.

Big Mistake.

It's not that Candy wasn't equipped to raise a son on her own, it's just that Candy wasn't equipped to raise a son. She was more the type to live for the moment and for a more hedonistic lifestyle. Let's just put it out there, she was a prostitute. With that being the case her role on the Ark seemed to be more akin to "morale booster" than anything else. This left her son, Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr. to fend for himself ten times out of nine.

From the youngest of ages, Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr. had to deal with all sorts of drama. From a combination of both children and adults even. Due to his lack of actual caring parental figures, Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr. just seemed to bounce around the Ark and try his verbal damnedest to get on everyone's nerves. He always seemed to just be around. He was tucked away in a corner, eavesdropping. Hanging from a rafter, paying too close attention. However, his inability to not comment on or talk about what he was witnessing often got him in trouble. It also graduated him from Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr. to Lip.

Lip came into his own the more he grew up and the more incidents he found himself involved in. As he lived out his days on the Ark, he realized that there was something to his mother's chosen lifestyle. He began to embrace everything that there was to embrace about being alive. He indulged in every pleasure he could get his hands on and decided that fun was the only reason worth living. Of course, following in his mother's footsteps constantly had him at odds with authority figures, other teenagers, pretty much anyone he ran into on the Ark. His inability to stop talking or to say the wrong thing or to just always be in the wrong place at the wrong time only served to punctuate his exclamatory lifestyle.

Lip's life seemed to be headed nowhere fast until there was a girl. There's always a girl. She was hot enough for him to follow off into the depths of organized protest and before Lip even realized it he was fighting for rights that he didn't even know he wanted. Maybe he didn't want them. He did want to impress the girl, though, so there's that. Using his self-designed gift of gab to rabble-rouse and bullshit his way into being chained up to the doors of the Tesla Station… wait, what?!

It was too late, though. Even Lip's mouth couldn't get him out of that one. Arrested and tried for Treason, Lip continued to claim his innocence and that he was simply trying to, well, the excuse changes every time he tells the story. His imprisonment was about as normal and boring as one would expect. He spent most of that time talking his way into different cliques and used various bits of information to keep himself out of harm's way. Y'know, except for when he mouthed off to the guards. Daily.

They say that Lip and the group he was involved with were headed for appeal. But then fate stepped in and decided that a different story needed to be told. Lip became one of The 100.

Which has to just plain SUCK for the other 99…

The Life & Times of Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr., Volume Two


In Character Res

The Life & Times of Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr., Volume Three


Social Misfit

The Life & Times of Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr., Volume Four


Lip Service

The Life & Times of Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr., Volume Five


What Happens On The Ground, Stays On The Ground

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