Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Ljokelsoy Ek
Full Name: Ljokelsoy Ek
Age: 18
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Citizen of Camp Jaha
Title/Profession: Agro-Tech
Partner(s): none Height: 1.63m (5'3-3/4")
Father: Einer Ek Weight: 52.6 kilos (116#)
Mother: Bodelia Daystrom Hair Color: ginger blonde
Siblings: none Eye Color: brown
Children: none



A slender young man of Scandinavian descent, short in stature. stands watchful. The blush on his pale skin betraying a lack of experience with natural sunlight. Grimly pursed lips hint of serious nature behind the wary eyes of chestnut brown. His ginger blonde hair is trimmed short, leaving no untidy bangs to distract from his cautious gaze and otherwise adds to the impression of lean, severity save for the large pinkened ears.



Determined Determined to prove himself. Determined to survive. Determined pretty much all-around.
Former SkyBox Resident On parole. (Data Theft, Breaking &Entering, Illegal Access) Not one of the 100!
Naturalist Plants and Animals. In their natural Habitats. Fascinating.
Seeking Lost Love His Beau is out the somewhere. Dead or alive, Ljo is going to find him.
Short 5'4" and slim to boot.
Science: Botany (P) Trained in the things Skaikru know how to grow.

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