Luther kom Trikru
Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa as Luther kom Trikru
Full Name: Luther kom Trikru
Age: 34
Clan: Trikru
Faction: Warriors
Title/Profession: Fighter
Partner(s): None Height: 6'2"
Father: Terga kom Trikru Weight: Beefcake
Mother: Ashla kom Trikru Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: Could be Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


In the year of Luther's birth, the Ice Nation came out of the wintry north to storm the lands of the Podakru. His warrior mother was pregnant for much of the first year of the war, and recovering there-after. By his second year, he was left in the care of his father and grandfather, who was Ambassador from the Trikru to the Coalition. He did not see his mother again until he was nine, and she returned from the First Ice War a near-stranger. With his father reconnecting with his mother, Luther spent more time with his grandfather, Nixo, learning the ways of a politician (such as they exist among the Trikru).

When he turned twelve, however, he became Second to a Warrior, not his grandfather, as the old man was starting to falter. The death of his grandfather when he was seventeen was a hard blow, and much of what the old man told him about the Right Way To Do Things, and How Things Must Be has stuck with him. He became a full-fledged warrior sixteen years before the arrival of the Skaikru, fighting against the Reapers, in little skirmishes against other Clans, and in the Second Ice War.

The arrival of the Skaikru was just the arrival of another enemy to Luther, but as he began to hear stories come to Tondc, he began to wonder if their clueless danger was worth what they could bring to the Coalition. He answered his kruheda's call, and fought at the Delinquents' camp, coming over the east wall as the camp was falling. The horns signalling retreat saved his life, keeping him from the devouring fires of the dropship.

He joined the encampment outside of this… Camp Jaha… to study the new Skaikru, and to see if they would be an enemy in the long-term. Assisting with the capture of the first Reaper bodies for the Skaikru, alongside Britt kom Trikru, he made sure that the only Reapers brought back were dead Reapers. Despite his wariness, when the heda called for warriors to scout the Reaper Tunnels under the mountain, he answered the call, coming out with harrowing stories… and directions to an entrance to the Mountain. With a team led by Britt, he followed that entrance into the Mountain, assisting in the destruction of Mount Weather's missile silos, and helping in the rescue of the captured Trikru within.

During the fall of the Mountain, he was part of one of the teams assigned to Level 6, but quickly moved up to Level 5 when there was no resistance on Level 6. He earned another kill-mark on Level 5, but also took a rifle round through his left thigh. After seeing the final fall of the Mountain, Luther was helped out to healing.


Bronze skin wraps a form hardened by years of service to the Trikru. The man stands an inch or two over six feet, with broad shoulders and heavily-muscled limbs. Dark brown hair crowns his head, carrying just a hint of red in it in the right light, gathered in thick dreadlocks. The coiled tendrils are held back out of his face by two of their number, wrapped back around the rest and twisted together. The remaining dreadlocks fall down to below his shoulder-blades. The man's brows are high, arched, and narrow, precise enough that the scar bisecting his left brow is clearly visible. Dark eyes, a strong nose, and a lush mouth fill out features that are handsome enough, but not really beyond the norm. His features are capped off by a mustache and fine goatee that trails down nearly to his chest.

He wears a simple sleeveless shirt of a thick brown cloth, the arm-holes and neck reinforced with additional material. The shirt falls over pants of a darker brown leather, softened by long wear and tough use. They are stained here and there, particularly around mended tears and around his knees and ankles, where they fall over simple low-top boots. A sword with a strong curve to it, heavier at the end of the blade than the base, and with a slightly-angled hilt, rests at his left hip, while several throwing axes are tucked into his belt at his back and right side. Angular tattoos march up his arms, disappearing under his shirt, and a necklace of various nuts, bolts, and predator-teeth hangs about his neck.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Britt Britt kom Trikru : Another veteran warrior who is not taken in by the myths and legends of these Skaikru. A capable leader even in trying circumstances.
Wren Wren kom Trikru : A warrior who seems far too ready to take what the Skaikru tell him on faith. It puzzles the mind how he can be so attracted to someone who acts like such a child.
Benning Benning kom Trikru : A Maker sensible enough to stay out of the fight, and but useful enough to contribute.
Galle Galle kom Trikru : Her houmon was a friend of mine, before the Azgeda got him. Her skills as a Healer are valuable, and I'm glad my teasing can lighten her mood. She may be too fascinated by the Skaikru, however.
Pontus Pontus kom Trikru : A scout, but not afraid to fight with the Warriors. Wouldn't need to be so tough with a little more skill, but very tough indeed.
Khesu Khesu kom Trikru : Tough and capable. A tribute to his role in the clan.
Sage Sage kom Trikru : One of those captured by the Mountain, but still capable of fighting against them even so. Strong.
Thesda Thesda kom Trikru : A capable scout, but definitely not a front-line fighter, even when she should be.
Tuan Tuan kom Trikru : A capable scout, but definitely not a front-line fighter, even when he should be. He clearly has much to learn.
Amp Amp kom Trikru : A capable scout, sometimes capable as a front-line fighter, but sometimes shies away from the role.
Afaye Afaye kom Trikru : Riding horses does a body good, and her laughter lights the air.
Fayet Fayet kom Trikru : A cheerful and friendly Maker, for all that she looks as hard as the wood she works. That's not a joke.
Komfi Itl kom Trikru : She scares a lot of people, but I've never had reason to be scared of her. I would do most anything to make the dear lady happy.

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