Morgan Blackwood
Lucas Till
Lucas Till as Morgan Blackwood
Full Name: Morgan Blackwood
Age: 18
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Med-Tech
Partner(s): Cameron Scott Height: 5'10"
Father: Owen Blackwood (d) Weight: 180 lbs
Mother: Alice Blackwood (d) Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: None Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Morgan was a normal, untroubled kid. His father was a research scientist and his mother a seamstress. An unusual pairing perhaps but love knows no class barriers. As he took after his father, smart and curious, much was expected of him. Everything changed when he was fifteen. His mother became ill with a slow, wasting disease. There was medicine for it but it wasn't certain that it would have any effect. Further, there was a very limited supply of it and making more would take resources needed for other things. Simply put, it was decided that it would be an inefficient use of resources to administer to someone who was just a seamstress. The Chief of Medical didn't come right out and say that of course but it wasn't hard to figure out. His father couldn't accept that. When the Council upheld the Chief's decision by refusing to even see Morgan's father, he stole what he needed. He was careful but it was inevitable that he'd be found out sooner or later. Two months later he was caught. He was found guilty. He was executed. Almost a year later, Morgan's mother finally succumbed to the illness and died. A friend of his father's, a medical researcher, took the boy in and continued his education.

But everything was different now. Morgan had not merely lost his parents, they were taken from him. They let his mother die horribly. They killed his father for trying to save her. The Council had betrayed his family when they had been nothing but loyal citizens of the Ark. Outwardly, little had changed. He continued his studies and trained to be a scientist. But inwardly, there was a core of rage fueled by loss and betrayal. He was smart. He planned. He sought out new friends, ones his parents wouldn't have approved of. From them he learned new things. How to hide from the cameras. How to fight. How to use weapons. He was patient. And when he felt ready, he got his revenge. Liam Stanford, the Chief of Medical, was easy to kill since he wasn't expecting it. No one was. But it was caught on camera and when he went after Councillor Kane next, he was captured before he could even get close. Completely unrepentant, he spat in their faces when he was charged with murder and treason. He spent the next two years waiting for his eighteenth birthday when he knew he'd be floated. Instead, he got sent down to Earth.

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