Natalie Rees
Sarah Hyland
Sarah Hyland as Natalie Rees
Full Name: Natalie Rees
Age: Almost 18
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Treason
Partner(s): hahawat Height: 5' 1"
Father: Michael Rees Weight: 98 lbs.
Mother: Carolyn Rees Hair Color: Mousy Brown
Siblings: Negative. Eye Color: Brown
Children: *nervous fidgeting*


  • The Apple Rolls Far From The Tree: Michael and Carolyn Rees are known where they are known as two of the Arks' loud mouth activist opposition. If Ark Leadership had a plan, they instantly had a charismatic and obtrusive counter argument and already were making a flyer to protest or sewing the slow seeds of insurrection in some corner of the ship. How they managed to have awkward and skittish Natalie for a daughter is anyone's guess?
  • Wait, She's …An Assassin? Natalie tried and failed to kill Bolton McNeil, a member of Ark leadership, in an attempt to insight a coup about Ark leadership. There were many at the time that didn't believe for a minute that Natalie came up with this plan herself but to this day, Natalie insists she acted alone and of her own volition. Turns out stabbing someone is still stabbing someone (or trying to) and doesn't need a reason, per say, so Natalie was boxed.
  • Skittering Around the Margins After Natalie she was boxed, she was one of those that never seemed to be anywhere but always in a far corner. Granted, a lot of her fellow convicts could smell an easy, slow moving target on her so it was for the best. Always in the corner. With a book. Looking the other way. She saw nothing. Knows nothing. Heard nothing. So, in reality, she saw and heard pretty much everything.
  • The Meek Shall Inherit A Knuckle Sandwich For those who made sport of slow moving targets, Natalie was a favorite little moth to pull the wings off of. She was teased, antagonized, shoved, and even attacked a few times. If she couldn't run away, she'd just take it until her bully got tired of her dead log routine and moved on to other prospects.



All Wallflower, No Perks

Smaller in stature and in size, Natalie is two big eyes set into an innocent mein, that often borders on slightly bewildered. Her fine bone structure doesn't really help matters, making her look more doll like than most teenagers would prefer. Her brown hair is pulled back into a functional ponytail. Her short fingernails are the result of a somewhat compulsive chewing habit.


Daddy Issues: Natalie loves her parents but it's her dad's specific love and praise that she wanted. And rarely got.

Fix Me Up, Doc: Affection starved, Natalie embarked on receiving medical training on the ARK in order to spend time with her dad, at his job. She still didn't get much of a dad but she is kinda good at fixing people and she did get a neato scalpel out of it.

Doll Face: A fine boned face, tiny body, and two big eyes hiding behind glasses. This doesn't make one hot. It makes one cute. Like doll cute. Like mostly undateable cute. Maybe. In the right lighting. And if you're blind. And have no other options. And about to die. And aren't picky while near death. Experienced in the wily ways of romance she sure is not.

Science: Biology: When you're undateable but pretty smart, of course your nose is in a book. Her science weapon of choice? Biology.

Gamer Nerd: Whatever passed for gym class in the Ark, Natalie easily failed it with flying colors. Excelling at running into walls for no reason and knocking herself out, Natalie was left at home where the chances of sudden accidental death by Duck Duck Goose were at least somewhat smaller. To pass the time, her parents bartered for a Game Cube and a Laptop with a few games. When she beat those a few hundred times, she started writing code for new games and distributing them under an alias 'SpaceRiot'. If you ever encountered a copy of Milk Run or Trolls on the Ark? Welp, now you've met the author.

The Activist's Daughter: Whatever causes Natalie is actually true to, her biggest crime is suicidal loyalty. She's steadfast in her love and defense of her parents, whose only crime was being vocally opposed to Ark Leadership. People are allowed to have opinions. And the attempt to kill McNeil was all her so stop spreading lies that it wasn't.

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Lip Lip The Loquacious : Not that I've ever mentioned and not that you'd ever notice probably, but you're like… my best friend. No, you can't grab my tit in celebration.
Niner Jonah (Even If No One Calls Him That) : ####
Elias Elias : Remember that time we conspired to execute someone differently than we were supposed to? I don't think Hallmark has a card for that.

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