Nathaniel Breen
Clive Standen
Clive Standen as Nathaniel Breen
Full Name: Nathaniel Breen
Age: 28
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Guard
Title/Profession: Sergeant
Partner(s): Richael Wood Height: 6'4
Father: Dead Weight: 170
Mother: Dead Hair Color: Light Brown
Siblings: No Eye Color: Blue
Children: I hope not



Guard Sergeant: Having worked his way up the chain of command well so far, Sergeant Breen seeks to keep serving the Ark as long as he can.
Paladin: To say that Nathaniel seeks justice and to protect his fellow Ark citizens is the basic idea. He doesn't like killing, and does it only when necessary.
History hobbyist: Nathaniel has an interest in the old world. With his families history on his mind, he seeks to understand what happened and humanities roots before the bombs fell.
Orderly: Nathaniel is very concerned with order. Anarchy helps no one but the strong prey on the weak. His job is to keep the peace. If he needs to step outside the law for something, he accepts the consequences.



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Richael Richael Wood : Claimed by me. She's just about everything I could want in a woman so far… we'll see how being a boyfriend again goes.
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MUSH Name Titles are optional : Relationship details

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