Grey Damon
Grey Damon as Jonah Kindler
Full Name: Jonah Kindler
Age: 18 (Dec 3)
Clan: Skaikru
Partner(s): - Height: 6'0"
Father: Samuel Kindler Weight: 190lbs
Mother: Ruth Kindler Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: - Eye Color: Grey-green.
Children: -


Niner's been Niner for as long as nearly anyone in the Skybox can remember. There are a few who have been boxed longer than him; a few, but not many. They might remember he was Jonah, back before the fight that cost him a finger and earned him his nickname, but it's more likely they remember the fight itself.

As the story goes, Niner was fresh out of a couple months in Solitary for breaking another kid's face. (The kid had been asking for it, him and his buddies bullying other kids out of their snack tokens, getting handsy where it wasn't welcome, and stealing whatever personal effects you couldn't nail down.) They caught him in a corridor during shift-change and, being the sorts to avoid a fair fight, made sure to slam his hand in one of the security doors before delivering their beat-down.

'Fresh out of a couple months in Solitary' is a bit of a recurring theme for Niner. Remember the time he bent that one kid's elbow backwards for being a total creeper to the girls? Or the one he nearly drowned in a mop-bucket for tormenting the new kid? The guards and their shock-batons didn't care if the other kid was a malicious asshole and had been totally asking for it. Niner was the one to start it, and therefore Niner was the one to finish it in Solitary.

For the rotten apples of the bunch, Niner was a threat or a challenge. For the more innocent ones, the second children and unlucky pranksters, the visionaries and tellers of uncomfortable truths, he could be a loyal friend and the fist they lacked.

Not a bad guy, really, for someone who'd tied his teacher to a chair and beaten him to death.


A Note on Roleplay Chemistry:
I play to explore characters and learn what makes them tick — and then find ways to make them suffer, of course. Drawing secrets out, learning all the little details, character evolution, that's the good stuff for me.

Also, action scenes where the aftermath and ramifications are swept aside tend to leave me clammy. I'm not saying they're bad; I'm only saying they're usually not my thing.

Also x2, I'm not the fastest poser. If you prefer fast, short poses, it's going to be tough for both of us to stay happy with a scene.


In search of character hooks. Niner saw most of the Delinquents arrive in the Skybox. Maybe he helped you adjust. Maybe he saw that one jerk always hassling you and ended up in Solitary after having 'words' with them. Maybe you were that jerk.

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