Pontus kom Trikru
Alex Pettyfer (Beastly)
Alex Pettyfer (Beastly) as Pontus kom Trikru
Full Name: Pontus kom Trikru
Age: 26
Clan: Trikru
Faction: Warriors
Title/Profession: Scout
Partner(s): None Height: 5'10"
Father: Titus kom Trikru Weight: 170#
Mother: Kairn kom Trikru (deceased) Hair Color: Bald
Siblings: Rain (10) Eye Color: Slate grey
Children: Raising his sister since she was 1


Pontus was named after his uncle who died in the conflict with the Ice Nation earlier in the year of his birth. His mother was a tracker who died in childbirth with his younger sister, Rain, when he was 15. His father was a craftsman who focused on keeping up the oral traditions of the Village but passed from natural causes when he was only 16.

It was Wren's family that took in Pontus and his 1 year old sister to help him care for her as he'd promised and welcomed him as one of their own. Something's he's not stopped trying to repay to them. While he was fiercely independent, he also knew he couldn't take care of her alone.

He's done his best to raise his sister the best he was able to teaching her skills to keep her alive, and trying to carry on the traditions left to him by his father.

To him the Village is his family. He's a stickler for their laws and traditions and strives to help enforce them when and where he is called on to do so. Preferring the quiet he's much more comfortable hunting his quarry from the shadow and quiet, or just retreating into the forest where he can hear his thoughts and, when he is moved to, write all his thoughts down.

Someone has to remember and he can't forget.


Honourbound - A person is only worth the weight of their word. Refusing to go back on his word has been his detriment in the past, but for him truth is paramount.

Lore-Keeper - He takes pride on keeping alive the Village laws, traditions, and the names of those that have contributed bravely to the Village that they are remembered. Beyond keeping the spirit of oral traditions alive he is also a hardass when it comes to enforcing the law of the Village as well.

Poet - Will wonders ever cease. Not quiet the Poet Laureate of the apocalypse, but everyone's got something they love.

Steadfast - Loyal and dutiful, to his family, and his Village. Not at all prone to run, especially when he ought to.

Stoic - That's one hell of a poker face he's got there. Wicked deadpan sense of humor to match.

Superstitious - Due to pragmatic reasons and personal history there are some things he's grown naturally leery of. For good, sound reason if you ask him too.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Wren Wren kom Trikru : "Brother in arms, and brother in blood spilled. His family helped me take care of Rain and see her grow healthy. I would do no less for he and his."
Starling Starling kom Trikru : "She lives her life in colour. Every stitch a song, and every arrow a dance. How she keeps talking me into things? I can't even tell you."
Thesda Thesda kom Trikru : "Were silence to have a voice and determination to have a face you would find it in her. We've been doing a dance of shadows since we were seconds, and yet? Still a terrifying team."
Hyatt Hyatt kom Skaikru : "Speaking the unspoken language. Silence. Progress. My trust stands."
Benning Benning kom Trikru : "Solid as the stone she dances on and true as the arrows she fletches. Also gets that nothing good was made from the sky. It hasn't worked for us so far.."
Britt Britt kom Trikru : "Trust you as well as myself. Even if you are from another village. We protect the greater whole."
Arlin Arlin kom Trikru : "You so remind me of me when I was 16…and better looking. I got this, you keep them up. If I go down just pour mead on it and patch me up later."


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