Frida Ratchet
Louise Fletcher
Louise Fletcher as Frida Amelia Ratchet
Full Name: Frida Amelia Ratchet
Age: 43
Clan: Maunon
Faction: Medical
Title/Profession: Heellllooo Nurse
Partner(s): None Height: 5'10"
Father: Vincent Renoir Ratchet Weight: A lady doesn't tell.
Mother: Beaux Ratchet Hair Color: Brunette
Siblings: Kahlo Ratchet, Pollock Ratchet Eye Color: Blue
Children: None



Severe. Her honey blond hair is starting to go grey in places, but is carefully and artfully coiffed to try and conceal this as well as possible. A crisply starched white hair perched behind a pair of victory rolls helps keep her locks in order, sensibly clipped to the nape of her neck for the sake of keeping her hair out of her way at work. Painstakingly, carefully, her otherwise unadorned brown eyes have been limned in black pencil, her thin lips daubed with the barest peach gloss. The faint wrinkling of her pale skin at the corners of the lip and eye betraying that the years are catching up on her, and not ones filled with joy or laughter.

Most commonly found in her nurses uniform, starched within an inch of its life and painfully white for its age, and a soft pink cashmere cardigan, the duty of this woman is not hard to be guessed at. Her broad shoulders and solid shape blatant that she is not a woman who shies from heavy work where needed.


  • Dolores Umbrage's Sister - Not really. But her and the authoritarian iron lady in fluffy pink would totally be besties if she existed in the 100 universe.
  • No Mercy - She might say nice things, and smile while she asks them, but behind that artfully coiffed exterior is a merciless harridan who has no qualms sacrificing others for the sake of her people.

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