Reno Loden
Matt O'Leary
Matt O'Leary as Reno Loden
Full Name: Reno Loden
Age: 17
Clan: Sky People
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Delinquent (2nd Child)
Partner(s): N/A Height: 6'1
Father: Logan (D) Weight: 160
Mother: Carenna Hair Color: Light Brown
Siblings: Max Loden (Older) Eye Color: Blue
Children: N/A


Reno's mother was a med tech and his father a mechanic who died in an accident working on the Ark when he was very young. As he was a second child he was kept hidden, and to this day, will profess that he and dust are not on speaking terms. Reno was a bright kid, quick of wit and nimble of fingers. He showed a particular aptitude for taking things apart and putting them back together again when he was very young. His father would bring him instructions to learn from as soon as he was old enough to read and bits of machinery and electronics as well as tools to work with. And after his father died, his father's best friend took him under his wing, treating him as an apprentice and teaching him both electronics and mechanics.

His older brother, Max, was the one who would often smuggle things to him — reading material, tools, bits of wire and things to work with. They never had much time together to truly get to know each other, and when Max went away to the Sky Box for murder, Reno was even more disconnected from what family he had left. All he knew was that his mother didn't get any better afterward. Her mental decline was swift, and he found himself spending all of his time in the care of a family friend's care. From the age of 12, he wouldn't see his brother again until he himself ended up in the Sky Box. After that Shi would be the one to sneak him things to dissemble.

The future had always been uncertain for Reno. He relied on the charity of others to get by and he could never hold a job of his own, though he did a lot of work for his new friend, and other members of their crew in secret, repairing things and putting them back together, then giving them back to the workers to deliver. He had some purpose, some worth, but little chance of ever having much of a life. When Shi got taken too though? It was time to put a plan into action. It was a convoluted plan that involved a lot of B&E to sneak onto the Sky Box until he realized all he really had to do was stand in the open and let security do the rest. Okay, sometimes he overthinks things just a little.


  • Enabler - As a second child Reno is fascinated to see outside of his room much less people, the world, real rocks in their natural habitat, and pretty much everything else. Being a natural born scientist however? He's happy to be the second person to try anything which means volunteers and test subjects. Besides how do you know if you like something until you subject others to it and see how it goes? That aside he's never been able to pursue the things he loves, so it would feel wrong to not encourage others to embrace the freedom to do so.
  • Nerdy Charm - He's not great with people. He's never been near enough people to form people skills up until now. He's fantastic with wiring and machines though and can talk functional science all day long. On the upshot he is absolutely genuinely interested in what you have to say. What he lacks in suavity he makes up for in being a pretty genuine and erstwhile guy.
  • Post-Apocalyptic MacGuyver - If it's broke then it will be promoted to being something new! They say it's a poor mind that can't think of 8 new uses for anything. It's also said that those with the least make the most of what they have. Sometimes it pays to grow up inside interstitial floors. He may know more about the wiring and hardware and paths on that station than the people who built it. But if you need a tool, he's a fantastic resource to fix or fabricate what you need.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Max Max Loden : "Like my brother? He IS my brother. Best one there is if that was, ya know, a thing I guess. He did more than he had to. Always does. It's a lot to live up to, but hey, now I can repay the favour and have his back for a change, right? Also I may have beat up a door for you. Don't ask. I'm glad you're here."
Tink Tinker-Toys : "Still amazed. Life is full of disappointments. I just didn't know all of them would hurt. In the end we are all on our own and we must survive however we need to I suppose. I hope sincerely it works for you. Glad you found a way to be happy. Someone needs to I suppose, but don't mistake my professionalism with my consent."
Cameron Cameron Scott : "I didn't make a mistake when we met. You were a thug. It wasn't you though, it was that place, that time, and those people. Here? I think I finally met you. You'd better still be painting. Don't give up. I think you're the sole bright spot in all of this, man."
Kai Kai -something-something my grounderspeak is terrible… : "There's life outside of hte lab coat? I want you to be right. You have no idea. Thank you for making this terrible place manageable with reason. You're not so bad yourself."
Lip Lip-Bombastic : "I don't think I've ever even heard of anything quite like you. Wonder what you're protecting under all that gusto. I think there's more going on behind the curtain of the 'Big Show'. So much potential you have to improve everything and don't even know it. So glad you're alive, big show. That took guts."
Madelyn Madelyn : "See! Things panned out. Why does no one believe me?"
Morgan Cameron's Sanity : "Anger yields war and death. You're a healer, you've got to focus on healing or your anger will tear everything apart. If you learned nothing from the Mountain that's a good take away. Trust me. Few might be as angry as I've been, but we can't become them."
Cole Cole : "You building or destroying here, Cole? I'm lost on where your priorities are. Know what, it's apparent it isn't my concern. Reports have been filed as they need to be."

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