Richael Wood
Tiera Skovbye
Tiera Skovbye as Richael Wood
Full Name: Richael Wood
Age: 21
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Citizen
Title/Profession: Militia/Engineer
Partner(s): Nathaniel Breen Height: 5'6"
Father: Robert Wood Weight: Really? Really?
Mother: Maria Wood Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: None Eye Color: Green
Children: None


Richael was born on the Ark the daughter of Robert and Maria Wood. Growing up on Mecha Station, she was eventually boxed after defending her mother from a would-be rapist guard. Despite the Council agreeing that the guard was deserving of floatation, Richael still remained boxed until her 18th birthday, when to her immense relief, she was released to begin work on Mecha with her mother as a Mechanical Engineer. Now that the entire station is on the Ground, Richael works as a Engineer, Mechanic, and also Chemist whenever she has downtime to work on such things.



Richael Wood
Ms. Wood
Miss Missile


Richael is one of those girls that seems to know her beauty and have no problem trying to express it, even if her skin may have grease, soot, or dirt on it at any given point in time. This blonde beauty stands at a modest five and a half feet tall, with mid-back length hair that is often kept tied or braided in some fashion or another. Her figure is that of a dancer, but one that seemingly has taken up working out to a great degree, with toned muscle visible on her arms, legs, and even her stomach if it is visible. Her green wide eyes sit below finely arched eyebrows with a small nose and wide expressive red lips complementing her face well.

Her clothing seems to consist of things from the Ark that seem to have held up well against the ravages of time. A patchwork tanktop, a pair of jeans, and shoes. A jacket that she has received since landing is often used to ward off cold while she is out and about. So far she has yet to acquire any Trikru clothing of any sort.


Chronic Nightmares - Floating - This girl has severe nightmares from being routinely reminded of the likelyhood of being floated on her 18th birthday. Even though that has come and gone and now the possibility no longer exists, she still suffers from them.

Former Resident of the Skybox - Released at 18, but spent 5 of those years boxed up for Assaulting a Guard

Insomniac - Almost never sleeps for longer than three or four hours and rarely in her own bed.

Napster - Sleeps in Random Spots - Part of her insomnia, she will crash out in out-of-the-way places in the Camp where she won't be disturbed and sleep.

Science: Chemistry - Has a very high degree of knowledge of chemistry for her job. Now that they're on the ground, it may help in identifying compounds or specifically needed things.

Unbreakable Focus - Can almost never be deterred or interrupted in the course of her work unless she doesn't mind it.

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Known Associates

Nathaniel Sergeant Nathaniel Breen - Mine : Led me to becoming Militia, then claimed me as his and he is mine. May this last our lives for however long they may be.
Grey Lucian Grey : Met him while he and others were discussing what needs to be done with the Mountain's people. We disagree on killing them all, but agree they need to be stopped.
Elias Elias Lapointe : Good guy, niron to one of our girls that went native.
Morgan Morgan Blackwood : Same as Grey, just a little bit more prickly about things.
Lionel Corporal Lionel Weeks : We destroyed the mountain's missiles together and helped the Trikru rescue their people. I'm glad he was there with me and them.

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