Rinnan kom Trikru
Margaret Qualley
Margaret Qualley as Rinnan kom Trikru
Full Name: Rinnan kom Trikru
Age: 21
Clan: Trikru
Faction: Warrior
Title/Profession: Fighter
Partner(s): None Height: 5' 7"
Father: Loen kom Trikru Weight: 130
Mother: Apia kom Trikru Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Unnamed Baby Brother Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Rinnan's earliest memory is the pain of her small, tiny feet being dragged over the sharp rocks and sticks of the forest floor as she and her mother fled from their burning village. Villages on the border of the Ice Nation often meet this fate.

She settled in Coesbur, ever so briefly. Her mother began a secret affair with Kassel, a man of some leadership in the village, until the birth of her congenitally defective son blew that secret wide open. Her mother refused to leave and met banishment only by sneaking out of the village in the dead of night to avoid a violent confrontation with her baby son and Kassel, leaving Rinnan behind.

Rinnan didn't mean to be a difficult child but in enough time, there was but one family left in the village willing take on the burden of an ill-behaved abandoned child. And when an accident befell the village and Rinnan, even at 6 years old was automatically assigned the blame, the final family was faced with an awful, ugly choice.

She was given to a trading group, based out of Polis. Later, recruited to train as a second after two fighters saw her deal savagely with thieves from her trading stall. From there, it was a series of military posts at various locations all dealing with the Ice Nation threat and now, more recently— an assignment to provide more muscle to Coesbur to deal with this new, strange Skaikru clan.


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Arlin_icon.jpg Kwelen. Branwada. Stedaunon gon ai.
Veks_icon.jpg I totally hit that.
Thesda_icon.jpg Nose boop terrorist.
Wren_icon.jpg Held my hair. We're bodily function family now.
Hague_icon.jpg Lost at the Battle of Timore, just days before the second Azgeda treaty. Body never recovered. Your fight is over, Nontu.

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