Roger Colley (deceased)
Tom Holland
Tom Holland as Roger Colley
Full Name: Roger Colley
Age: 18
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Hacker
Partner(s): N/A Height: 5'8"
Father: Mark Colley Weight: average
Mother: Sarah Colley Hair Color: brown
Siblings: N/A Eye Color: brown
Children: N/A


2131: Roger Colley is born to Mr. & Mrs. Colley, computer technician and botanist, respectively. Early childhood is relatively uneventful. He quickly develops into a bookish child with a shy sense of humor that reveals itself mostly among his closest friends and family. Quickly shows an affinity for computers and becomes his father's shadow.

2136: Meets his soon-to-be-best-friend, Max, the son of one of his parents' friends. The two soon become inseparable.

2143: Pre-teen years prove to be more difficult for Roger and Max. Both boys find themselves the target of bullies among the crueler of their peers. Rogers spends a lot of time running and hiding until Max starts encouraging him to stand up for himself. Roger begins his official apprenticeship to become a computer technician.

2146: The two buddies develop a habit of playing harmless pranks whenever they have any amount of free time. They occasionally land themselves in hot water, but the adults generally smooth things over with a 'boys will be boys' attitude.

2148: Roger takes over much of his father's job. Nominally, he is still under supervision, but with his father's vision failing, much of the work falls to him. Around this time, Max and Roger start a series of escalating dares, each trying to come up with something the other won't do, and egging each other on to greater stupidity.

March, 2149: Max dares Roger to hack into the Ark's system files and insert a macro to change a certain disliked leadership figure's name into a pun playing on a particular word for the male reproductive system. The boys may have been (okay definitely were) drinking at the time. Roger gives in to the dare and it's all terribly hilarious.

April, 2149: Someone finally notices the changes in the file and it's tracked back to Roger. It is much less hilarious when he is arrested. Shortly after his arrest, he is sent down to Earth with the rest of the 100.

May, 2149: Since landing, Roger has been keeping his head down, and keeping largely to himself. His sense of humor has yet to reemerge, and he's been focusing on surviving however he can.


Follower, Prankster, Electronics expert, Likable nerd


This teen boy does not particularly stand out, except perhaps in that he is entirely average-looking. Average height, average build, though with a bit of the remaining gawkiness of youth still lingering. He has a round face and slightly large ears, along with brown eyes and brown clean-cut hair. Back home he kept it neatly combed, but these days he's looking a bit… Well, ragged.

He wears a slightly stained and much-patched button down shirt that is a dim memory of the color yellow. It's starting to fray in some places on the cuffs. Over this, he has a knit (and oft-darned) vest in a dirt brown color that matches his trousers. His shoes are simple canvas affairs that threaten to come apart at the seams at any moment. They seem to be held together with some sort of electrical tape, but it's anyone's guess how long that will last. A puke-yellow knit cap finishes his outfit, and seems to be the least-worn of anything he wears.


Easily Influenced - Roger is a people-pleaser and a bit of a nerd. While he can look out for himself if he needs to, he prefers to avoid conflict when possible.

Unrepentant Prankster - Let's just say he doesn't feel that the punishment fits the crime. He'll be laying low for awhile, trying to survive on the ground, so this probably won't come up right away.

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